Green Tomatoe Chutney…. oh soo much cheese has now been eaten

IMG_1742I LOVE chutney and the likes of Branson Pickle, but I know they are really just a jar of sugar. So I made my own version with agave syrup and it tasted really good!  I didn’t have very high hopes, I have now spent the afternoon ‘trying’ it so I now have to make more seed biscuits as I have run out…

Green Tomatoe Chutney – 3 jars – 1h plus overnight soaking

IMG_1734I had lots of green tomatoes and wanted to use them, an old red onion and 4 small apples off one of the trees in my garden. This is how I did it:

  • 1/2 liter of Green Tomatoes chopped
  • 1 chopped red onion (large)
  • 1 tbsp of salt

Mix the salt with the chopped onions and green tomatoes, cover in cling film and place in the fridge over night. The next day, drain but don’t rinse the onion and tomtaoe mix:

  • 1/2 dl of agave syrup
  • 2 dl of apple cider vinegar

IMG_1735Simmer these two so the agave is dissolved then add:

  • Chop up 2 dl of raisins
  • 2 apples – chopped
  • After 10 minutes add the drained but not rinsed onion and tomatoe mix
  • 1-2 dl of water to give it the right consistency

Simmer for minimum 1 hour – preferably more. Place in jars – steralise these by cleaning them properly and then place them in an oven at 140 degrees for a minimum of 10 minutes.


Sugar and spice all things nice???

Sugar sugar sugar….

I am not highly scientific in my eating but I try not to eat refined sugar, lots of empty carbs such as pasta and white bread – therefore also no gluten. I do fail relatively frequently but I think the 80:20 rule is a good one!

I do eat fruit albeit not in bulk and natural sugar… my favourites are:

  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Dates and dried fruit as a sweetener

I have tried coconut sugar and birch sugar too, but never really gotten hooked – it also feels like there is more manual intervention to get certain plants into a sugar like format… Birch sugar is a slow releasing natural sweetener which is good if you want that crunch that refined sugar has… I realise the crunch is an important part of Swedish chocolate balls. But my main issue with the like of Stevia etc is that it has a funny after taste and not in the ha ha way more as in a yuk way… please see facial expression…IMG_0537

I also use dark chocolate with a minimum 70% cocoa content in a lot of my cakes, bars etc as the sugar content then is at least low. I tend to eat the 85% or even the 90% chocolate when I need a fix and after a year+ of very low sugar consumption I think it is very tasty. I must admit I didn’t before!

Now I am off to pick up my children and celebrate Valborg – Swedish bonfire night, it is very windy however hence I am tempted to stay in and count my toes…

Banana Ice Cream

I read somewhere that if you freeze very ripe bananas in chunks and then take out a few until they are a tiny bit less frozen and blitz them you will get delicious banana ice cream and it will actually taste like ice cream.  I DID NOT BELIEVE THEM!  But they weren’t lying, I actually put 1/2 dl of cream in (dairy free alternative is fine) and my eldest daughter loved it! My youngest only really does chocolate… EVER!

I had to try some with some gooey chocolate cake (like grown up kladdkaka for the Swedes out there) I had left over from the weekend.

Now I am off to play tennis… need to learn to win, I don’t by any means believe I am the nicest person in the world but on the tennis court I am far TOO nice.  So the inner bitch in me will have to be unleashed. Over and out!



I think Leftovers are a wonderful thing and to prove it I will put in some form of menu planner.  Roast chicken can make your dinners fabulous for a week!   Like many people in Sweden we eat Taco’s and sometimes Spagetti Bolognese. Our spagetti comes in many different shapes and flavors however, shredded white cabbage being our current favourites.

I had some leftover bolognese sauce in the fridge and when I do I tend to have the easiest most tasty leftover lunch.  It isn’t rocket science but I know that many things come in pairs like spagetti and bolognese sauce – but why?  Eating it like I do on top of chopped tomatoes and an avocado is tasty and and a good way to ensure there is no waste.

Energy bars….

The debate with energy bars is of course that they often taste like pants… dry ones at that. Cardboard with a hint of nothing…  The one below is only for people who likes peanuts (but who doesn’t?) and if you want to make it even better then smear some of the Healthy Nutella.

1 dl chopped /whizzed in food processor dates (soak for 5-10 min and then pour off excess water)

1.5 dl oats (you can buy gluten free oats) lightly toasted if you wish – 150 degrees C for 10min

1 dl roughly chopped almonds

2 chopped figs

1/4 dl honey

1/4 dl crunchy peanut butter

1 tsp maldon sea salt or similar

Mix all the dry ingredients and whilst melting the peanut butter and honey. Add this to try mixture and then cool on flat surface. Chop into 8- 10 chunks depending on the size you prefer. Keep in Freezer or fridge!


Nutella healthy style

A friend of mine told me the problem with the seedbread that it was so delicous with Nutella. As my daughter asked if we could have Nutella one Saturday, hence I  thought I would give it a try. I think a more powerful mixer may have been my only complaint.Homemade Nutella

2 deci-litre (i.e. 2 tenth of a litre) dl of hazelnuts

1/2 dl maple syrup

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tbs honey

3-4 tbs of cacao powder

Up to 1 dl water

Roast the hazelnuts at 150 degrees C for 10 min. Whizz as small as you can and then add all the ingredients except water.  Whizz again and then add water so you get a smooth consistency.

Eat on seedbread, spoon or finger!