Beetroot and Yellow beets – another multi dinner wonder

Beetroots are great!  And they turn your pee pink which is quite exciting in itself. 
I roasted some beetroots yesterday – for 3 hours at 150 degrees, skin on and just some olive oil and salt sprinkled on top.

Then yesterday I peeled a few – both yellow and red, which makes it so pretty – and added to a sallad with some goats cheese, a drop of honey, vinaigrette and some gently warmed walnuts – delicious.

Today I just chopped a 5 cm pf cucumber, a tomato, a few more beets and some vinaigrette – also delicious. Add some sausages or more cheese if you want it to be a bigger meal. I also added a few bits of thyme i forgot about yesterday!

The beetroots don’t look much cooled (that is an understatement), but taste great and last a few days in the fridge.

Ground Elder (Kirskål) – Leftover lunch

I have a lot of Ground Elder or Kirskål as it is called in Swedish in my garden. A LOT!  I kthumb_IMG_0849_1024thumb_IMG_0846_1024now you can eat it but haven’t done so until today.  As it is now June I figured the ground elder is not at its most tender (I havenot idea if its true I just know it has now been there for many weeks!) so I cooked it before eating.

Leftovers with Ground Elder

I had in my fridge some leftovers:

Leftover taco mince

Leftover chopped up tomatoes

Left over Walnut Pesto

  • 1 tbsp of olive oil
  • One spring onion (or other little bit of thumb_IMG_0851_1024normal/red/garlic onion like thing you have in the back of the fridge)
  • Handful of ground elder/kirskål
  • 2 cm chunk of courgette/zucchini
  • salt and pepper
  • 1/2 tsp of chilli flakes
  • 2 eggs

Fry the chopped spring onion, tomatoes, ground elder in the olive oil. After a few minutes add the mince, salt and pepper to taste as well as the chilli flakes.  When the mince is warmed through add two beaten eggs.  When the egg is cooked serve with a dollop of Walnut Pesto.

Serve with a dollop of leftover pesto!



I think Leftovers are a wonderful thing and to prove it I will put in some form of menu planner.  Roast chicken can make your dinners fabulous for a week!   Like many people in Sweden we eat Taco’s and sometimes Spagetti Bolognese. Our spagetti comes in many different shapes and flavors however, shredded white cabbage being our current favourites.

I had some leftover bolognese sauce in the fridge and when I do I tend to have the easiest most tasty leftover lunch.  It isn’t rocket science but I know that many things come in pairs like spagetti and bolognese sauce – but why?  Eating it like I do on top of chopped tomatoes and an avocado is tasty and and a good way to ensure there is no waste.

Another manic Monday…

Today for lunch I felt the need to use some leftover chicken, a sad tomato and incorporated in a very tasty Quesedilla.  First to the wheat free ‘tortilla’:

100g /1dl buckwheat (bovete) flour

1 egg

2dl liquid – dairy free milk or milk if you eat dairy

2 tbs olive oil

pinch of salt


Avocado, chicken, tomato, red onion and cheese. A squeeze of lemon or lime juice plus some S&P is also great to making it even tastier (chill never goes a miss either).  Be creative a lot of things are tasty warm with some cheese…

This makes 2 pancakes which you cook just like normal in some oil.  When the second one is golden add a good dose of cheese – I used cheddar (around 100g) but you can use goats or ewes cheese if you are intolerant. Add the other ingredients chopped:

100g cheese (I use cheddar as I used to live in Somerset the home of Cheddar!) Lidl ( does good cheddar from my old town)quesedilla_open

1 tomato

1 small avocado

1/4 of a smallish red onion

Spread everything out on one pancake add second pancake and squeeze with a pan lid or similar. Add S&P as well as squeeze of citrus of your choice and then serve with some greek/turkish yogurt and or some leftover Salsa.  As I am based in Sweden you will of course realize that with Taco Friday being a big part of Swedish life most swedes have an old jar of salsa in their fridge

I have also realized that an open quesadilla is equally good if it feels like two pancakes is a lot. This makes a lunch for one or a starter for two.