Cod, Cauliflower, Hardboiled eggs and melted butter – Oh sooo good

When I was little I had two favourite dishes – cod (or to be honest any white fish) potatoes, melted butter and chopped hard boiled eggs. I read the other day that Cod is back which is nice to here, also the fact that trying to save an endangered fish seems to work. The other was chicken (or I believe we had hen…) rice and curry sauce – I may have to resurrect this one too. Now I swap the potato for cauliflower and it is equally delicious, unfortunately the lack of summer and sun here in Sweden makes this a good dinner choice.


Cod, Cauliflower, Hardboiled eggs and melted butter – Feeds 4 (30 min)

Boil the kettle so you have boiling water – it makes this faster. Also put the oven on at 175 degrees C. Do all of the above straight after on another, then it should be ready all together.

1. Steam the cauliflower in florets for 15 minutes or until soft with a bite – during this –

2. Hard boil 4 eggs – about 8 min from boiling.

3. Place 25 grams of butter in an oven proof dish, pour over 3 dl of boiling water so butter melts and add some herb salt. Place the fish on top and place in the oven for about 15 min or just when it starts turning white.

4. Drain and chop the cauliflower into smaller pieces into an oven proof dish, place a little butter (25 grams ish) in lumps scattered on top. Some pepper and herb salt cover in foil and put at the bottom of the oven to keep warm.

5. I served it with some steamed broccoli, some spinach or peas is also good. I just think it needs something green or it is too white and looks a bit yuk. Put the broccoli on to steam.

6. On the residual heat of the broccoli place about 50 grams of butter in to melt.

Tale everything out of oven and off heat and serve – cauliflower, then fish, some chopped egg and some melted butter with broccoli on the side. Needs salt and pepper!

Quick Sausage Summer dinner


Get someone friendly to grill some GOOD quality sausages.

Make some tabbouleh – as I was away I made it with bulgur but Quinoa is a good gluten free choice.  I make it simple and add to cooled quinoa or bulgur (I made 4 portions according to the packet – i lied my friend made it):

  • A lot of parsley chopped
  • A lot of min chopped
  • juice of a lemon
  • 2-3 tbs of good olive oil
  • lots of salt and pepper
  • a chopped tomato

I also made a buffalo mozzarella, tomato and avocado sallad with some lemon juice, basil infused olive oil and salt and pepper. And last but not least a ‘sauce’ with Turkish (or Greek or dairy free alternative) yogurt:

2 dl yogurt of some kind (plain!!)

Juice of half a lemon

2 tbsp of olive oil

1 tsp herb salt

black pepper

Serve it all in the not so sunny weather with a BIG jumper on!

Salmon Easy dinner

I think dinner is quite easy to make healthy – fish or meat with sallad or cooked vegetables.  In the summer when the sallad vegetables are super tasty and you can BBQ I am quite happy to live like that.  Today it rained ALL day. I had a MacDonalds for dinner last night and I accompanied my youngest to a birthday party today and ate too much cake – after this I felt I needed something good. My kids love salmon with pesto on top hence this is what we had.

I would not claim that this was the meal of my dreams but it was tasty and satisfying in a non stuffed way.  I think it is important to have a few of these in your back pocket so you can ensure you eat well most days not just once in a while!

Tomorrow is another week… maybe the week where I figure out what to do with my life? Wish me luck!

Salmon and pesto

Piece of salmon large enough for the amount of people you are.

Pesto ready made smeared on top and then into the oven – depending on the size this will take more or less time!

Spinach, Cabbage and Peas (for two, the kids had carrot and cucumber raw)

As we had been away I didn’t have a lot of vegetables so I cooked in some rapeseed oil:

One charlotte onion finely chopped

One carrot chopped into small chunks

3 large handfulls of spinach

2 large handfuls of shredded Chinese cabbage (the slightly curly one)

Cook this in 2 tbs of rapeseed oil. Add plenty of salt and pepper and when the spinach has started to wilt add 4 tbs of white wine.  Lastly add the peas below.

2 dl of frozen peas (placed in boiling water for a min before they are drained and added.

Feta yogurt mix

In order to make it a little more exciting I also made a little sauce/gunk to go with it

Half a packet of feta

1.5 dl greek yogurt or dairy free alternative

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp herb salt

plenty of black pepper


Cauliflower and Mince Bake… no shepherds or cottages were harmed in the making of this!

I think the very traditional British ‘pies’ with mashed potato on top ate very satisfying and sometime you need that.  So what to substitute mash for. I made this very easy and basic version with cauliflower mash on top and it was delicious. I have to try it next as topping for a fishy equivalent as I absolutely love fish pie. My problem used to be that I always felt so full i thought i may vomit afterwards!

Cauliflower and Mince Bake

(P.S. there is a reason that I am not calling this a cottage or shepherds pie substitute as albeit it could be categorised in the same family is the fact that when people say ‘this gluten free pizza is as good as standard gluten/wheat based pizza’ I think you are set up for failure. You may have thought it was delicious if you didn’t compare!!

P.P.S. another interesting (well to me) thought is that fact that wouldn’t life be so much easier if we stopped comparing things. We worry about our kids and peer pressure but even as an adult you look at your neighbours,peers and people in the street. Albeit you may not say like a 6 year old ‘I want that’ you or I certainly from time to time think it.  Why do I waste energy on wanting things and believing the grass is always greener somewhere else. It is just my head being a bitch!  I don’t think I am overly materialistic but I think todays society seeds WANT.  I will try and want less… I watched (Hectors Search for Happiness) maybe not the best movie I have ever watched, but easy fun and a good topic.  Maybe I will start what my grandfather did with his family every morning – laughing atIMG_0440 the breakfast table for 2 minutes, great medicine!

Anyway… here goes

Cauliflower and Mince Bake (finally) Serves 6

Oven on 200 degrees Celsius – 40 minutes (including prep time)

I actually made a little one for the kids as we are going out tomorrow then their dinner is sorted!

One medium cauliflower – chopped upp and steamed until soft (about 10 min depending on the size you chop the cauliflower into)

one onion chopped

2 cloves of garlic

one onion

half a courgette/zucchini

Chop all finely and cook until transparent – add mince and brown, add plenty of salt and pepper (tsp of each) and some dried herbs (1tbs – oregano or herbs de Provence)

Place in oven proofed dish when cooked through

Whizz steamed (or boiled) cauliflower with 25 grams of butter, 1 tbs of olive oil and plenty of salt and pepper.  Put the mixture on top of the mince mixture.

Grate plenty of strong cheese on top – I tend to use mature cheddar (100 grams)

Place in oven until bubbling and golden around 20-25 minutes!


Taco Deluxe – Slow cooked beef

To make my slow cooked beef for my deluxe taco’s I use one portion of the Taco seasoning and add:

collage taco

one small onion – chopped

2 garlic cloves  (in addition to the one in the seasoning) – chopped

2 tbs of oil for frying

Cook all the seasoning and the above for a few minutes and them brown the beef.

1 kg of Chuck Steak (Högrev)

Then add:

One small chopped chilli

1 tin of tomatoes

1/2 dl of red wine

Place in the oven in a pot with a lid for a minimum of 6 hours at 100 degrees C – but another 2 hours is no problem.  I would either do it over night and just reheat it when you are eating it or if you can all day!

Serve with your usual Taco condiments.  I always have Salsa, Guacamole, Turkish Yogurt/Sour Cream and grated cheese (I love cheddar). This time I also made a coleslaw which I can add recipe for later.

I would say I loved the food but when our guests arrived the red wine started to flow hence I chatted and laughed way to much!  A great Friday evening dinner – quick to prepare (say around 15 min) and very tasty – I had the leftovers with half an avocado and some scrambled eggs. Delicious!!

The rest of the weekend we ave pottered in the garden, drunk coffee had Saturday sweets (in Sweden this is a very common tradition and one we have not let go despite eating very healthily at other times). Mr M. and I don’t tend to have any… albeit last night the kids had not finished theirs hence I went to bed sugared up feeling way to full! Sunday morning football for eldest and run for me! Ready for the week ahead!