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This is about eating well with no gluten (very few carbs in general) and no refined sugar, in most of my dishes I also give a dairy free option! Last year I felt like a big slug and had a constipated daughter… What to do? Hence we cut out carbs and sugar for one month, since then my interest in eating differently has grown and we now eat very differently.

My kids now share a head of broccoli they get to dip in some melted butter when I have no time (it also means Little Miss is no longer constipated).

I love my husband and my kids but I have no patience – hence sometimes I am not the worlds best mother or other half. But I think that is life. I worry about a lot of things I shouldn’t but am trying to get better at doing all the things that make me feel better. I annoy myself by not going out into the fresher everyday or doing some exercise when I know it makes a huge difference. Maybe by the time I am 50… Unfortunately I don’t think rational behavior is linked to a number but to your personality.

Albeit I try to eat healthily I am a an 80:20 girl. I eat very well 80% of the time, but sometimes I have a family sized bags of crisps/chips all to myself! I also like a glass of wine and sometimes I have 8 of them one after the other… But the thing that has changed in the last year or so is the fact that I no longer feel (very) guilty about it. I finish my bucket of wine and my kilo of crisps/chips and move on.

I play tennis, run and go to the gym – quite a lot!IMG_0656

10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Well I am NOT bias and I love this and I really appreciate your honesty on being mother and women and partner and all!!! Looking forward to reading more and be inspired and Also to see you more frequently from Jult and onwards!
    You go! Love camilla … Still in Bkk and wi bring home some Asian tastes for you!

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  2. Great blog/good job Johanna – I always read all of your posts! ❤
    Let's just say that although the majority of people (when asked) would happily argue against the carefully crafted 'social media version lives' of their peers and others, strangely, the preference for 'keeping it real' isn't always what people want either.. How bizarre is that!! Can't please everyone so the option is to simply do/write what makes YOU happy! X


    • Hello and thank you!!
      It is a very interesting topic as real life isn’t always so attractive hence it is difficult I believe to keep it real, but one can try! And life certainly gets in the way of the way you eat, exercise, speak to your children etc… How not to shout at them all night not to go to close to the fire…
      Have a great Valborg and take care, Johanna xxx


  3. Specific ‘patience enhancing’ foods/food combinations for stressed out parents (‘eat right, shout less’ sort of thing!), tried and tested by LifeofMilne would be interesting to know more about 🙂 If there is a science there somewhere, other than that of keeping one’s blood sugar levels as steady as possible throughout the day and generally living as well and healthily as possible! Glad Valborg!!


    • Unfortunately if I had the answer to that I may be on the cover of all major press… I think the trick is to be prepared though, which is not of course always as easy as it sounds! Kram kram kram


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