About me

I am Johanna – I am 40, as only nearly 41 I don’t categorize myself as being in my 40’s yet.  I am married with children.  I am lucky but still worry about stupid things for now reason.  I play tennis, run and go to the gym.  I try and eat well… albeit sometimes you just have to eat a family bag of crisps all to yourself… This blog started with my family and I changing the way we eat.  We eat everything, but in balance we eat less processed and refined foods than before – I believe in eating natural food and try and substitute refined or highly processed foods for better things.  Sometimes it works well then they appear here. Sometimes they are disgusting (albeit I must say fairly rarely) then I don’t add them.  The initial problems of a constipated child and a few kilos to loose in te adult portion of the family are now things of the past, so is pasta.  Good luck and enjoy if you want to do the same – what I am proudest of is the fact that we have now eaten like this for nearly 3 years.  It now feels like a habit we will keep – I am pretty proud of us!