Hashtags On Instagram – Best Practices

Hashtags On Instagram

Sometimes you might feel disoriented when thinking of a caption for Insta post. And when it comes to putting hashtags, I bet you start guessing. But this tactic is not effective when you struggle to promote your account and get authentic views. The solution is looking for hashtags via a Hashtag searcher; this one is free and multi-functional. Also, you need to understand how to apply and pick hashtags, and I reveal all the best practices in this article.

Let's start from scratch.

3 Fundamental laws of pro-hashtagging

#1 – Relevance

This idea is old and simple, but people sometimes ignore it. Hashtags should correlate with your post and interests of your audience. Otherwise, what is the reason for putting them? Don't include to your hashtags sets broad words like #me, #good, #happy. These hashtags contain a lot of spam where your post will get lost. Also, users don't follow these hashtags. Sometimes IG authorities even ban broad hashtags, so you should watch out.

#2 – Exclusiveness

Every time you apply hashtags, make sure that your set is unique, and you don't blindly copy the same. You can simply change the order of hashtags and add several new to your set to get higher reach. Also, think over new keywords you can type into a Hashtags finder. These words can be related to your location and clients' desires but not the exact description of your imagery.

When you copy and paste the same hashtags, IG algorithms detect this and may hide your posts from the feed.

#3 – Specification

The truth is broad, and popular IG hashtags are overused and hard to compete for showing up in the TOP. That's why you need to add to your set as much rare and specified hashtags as you can. The recent and TOP post on niche hashtags doesn't update with new images every second, so you can easily get highlighted for a longer time.

By the way, the Finder of Hashtags I dwell upon in the next chapter has an in-built analysis on every hashtag. You can monitor the time post shows in the feed and likes count of the top posts.

The best way to explore hashtags

Hashtags On Instagram

Follow the link on the Hashtags searcher by Toolzu and do as follows:

  1. Register. You need to sign up in 2 minutes, and then you can use the Hashtags generator fo free.
  2. Apply 1-5 keywords. These can be words on any language separated via commas. Try to come up with as many keys ideas as you can to get target results.
  3. You can paste a link or an image. The simpler way of hashtags research is base on AI-algorithms. You don't need keys, just a link to any post or media from your device.
  4. Blend the results according to the formula. When you generate the hashtags, this list includes hashtags from various groups. Mix 1-3 High, 5-8 Medium, plus over 10 Low hashtags to reach more people.
  5. Create several mixes. I recommend you to track and create combinations according to your strategy of posting.
  6. Analyze the statistics. Open the Insights under your Insta post and view, how many people saw your content from hashtags. Also, measure how many people started to follow you.

The wrapping up

As you see, hashtags need to be strategically planned and sorted rather than guessed. That's how you can get true followers you were searching for your posts. Don't quit using hashtags; if the first round didn't result in traffic boost – you need to test many combinations. Find your best hashtags to copy via Toolzu Hashtags generator right away!

Hashtags On Instagram – Best Practices

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