Catch the Audience With These High-Performing Types of Content Marketing

Below, I will talk about the benefits of content marketing and show how to use the top 14 different types of content marketing to drive traffic and draw customers' attention.

Once one great marketer said a golden proverb, explaining why the marketing goal is to attract and retain customers: "No customers, no sales. No sales, no business. The circle closed".

I adapted this proverb to Internet marketing: "No traffic, no conversion. No conversion, no profit. No profit, no business."

There are a lot of indicators that need to be measured and tested, but you need to focus on only two - traffic and conversion. There are not so many ways to get targeted traffic in the era of informational "overdose" and off-scale advertising. The alternative is content marketing!

What is the benefit of content marketing?

Content marketing is a set of marketing techniques based on the development awareness and creation of valuable content.

  • Content marketing helps form a circle of interested buyers who don't need to be convinced to make purchases. All you need is to send a message with a payment link.
  • Content marketing increases traffic and allows the site to get on the first Google pages.
  • Content marketing emphasizes brand professionalism and allows you to form relationships with opinion leaders.

Is it any wonder, that content marketing used in each sphere - from automobile technical center to church?

There is a row of companies and entrepreneurs who have built their brand through content marketing.

Today I want to half-open the mystery and discuss the top excellent types of content marketing to attract your potential clients and increase sales.

Top high-performing types of marketing content to enhance SEO

#1 - How-to articles

Have you any ideas about what people often search on the Internet? In most cases, this is a question of how to do something.

"How to boost your audience?"

"How to change firefox language?"

"How to cook pasta?"

I’m sure that you have repeatedly asked a similar question in the hope to solve your problem. This is the main task of how-to articles.

#2 - Interview

There are thought leaders in any industry. Experts have thousands of fans, readers, and followers. People heed them, read their articles, and share valuable information with friends. This is an opportunity to get targeted traffic and gain respect for any entrepreneur.

#3 - Reviews

Reviews are another excellent way to reach your target audience.

First, people often look for recommendations on what to read. Secondly, the market is so full of "empty" books that readers are forced to look through book reviews before deciding to buy it.

By using this argument, you can quickly accumulate a target audience around your resource.

#4 - The collection of tips

Everybody loves to look through the collection of suggestions. You have repeatedly come across articles with headings "Top 7 ways", "5 useful tips" or "15 tools".

These articles have the magical ability to attract readership.

Types of marketing content

Similar articles bombard the Internet, and readers are fed up with them. But practice shows that tips are one of the best types of content for content marketing.

People continue to read a piece of advice and share its on social networks. Therefore, if you are blogging, 40% of your content should be similar collections and charts, which we will discuss below.

#5 - Q&A session

Using this type of content, you kill two birds with one stone:

  1. Catch the attention of the target audience by answering the relevant issues;
  2. Build trust and show your professionalism, giving useful tips and tricks as answers.

#6 - Case studies

Case studies are the excellent manner to to convince a client that you can solve his problem. You talk about your experience through examples.

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Case studies are walking hand in hand with How-to articles. But, if you give advice that solves a particular problem in the How-to article, you talk about the application of these steps in practice and the results obtained in case studies.

#7 - Storytelling

Storytelling has become a way of building your community and highlighting other competitors. According to the statistics, storytelling has received many times more social actions (views, comments, likes). The gigantic top blogger's audience was formed by the unique authorial style and business content in the storytelling format.

# 8 - Charts

When I was starting to study content marketing, I thought train content was the most popular. The deeper and more detailed the material is written, the more response it receives from the audience.

I was seriously mistaken!

I analyzed different types of content marketing. As it turned out, the most popular type of content was various ratings and charts in all niches! Companies get crazy traffic with different ratings and charts.

#9 - Step-by-step guide

A step-by-step guide has a night-on magnetic attraction. Many content marketers often confuse them with How-to articles and don't understand the differences from each other. Therefore, I decided to explain the fundamental differences.

How to articles explain how to solve a small problem. Such an article should consist of a problem, method, and steps to address it.

The step-by-step guide solves the difficult problem of the client. The step-by-step guide describes all the nuances and subtleties of using the program or service.

#10 - White papers

I always say that white papers are an integral tool in the system of attracting customers and sales.

Software testing

A small electronic report or book magically affects the client. If the report is beneficial and helps to solve the client's problem, you will receive his trust! And this is the key to future sales!

#11 - Video content

Video is a fabulous method to catch the audience's interest and involve them rapidly. Video ratings are off the charts. One-Third of all online individuals filled their time with viewing videos. This matter performs video one of the excellent manner of content marketing for communicating with your followers, no matter what field you are in.

#12 - Infographics

Infographics aid entrepreneurs to train their clients and give beneficial knowledge. This visual content marketing format helps viewers better imagine data. Individuals can have a better concept of why something is helpful or how something operates.

#13 - Social media posts

At this point, it's no longer an intrigue that entrepreneurs use the potential of social media to reach their target audiences. Social networks help brands reach new clients and cultivate contacts with clients. The content of your pages plays an essential role in how your company communicates fresh leads and existing customers.

GIFs and Memes

#14 - GIFs and Memes

These varieties of content have grown hugely famous amongst users and have hardened their value in mass culture. There is no need to notice, memes and GIFs are some of the most shareable kinds of content marketing on the social market today.

Make the right points!

You can mix some types with helping your company drive traffic and power its digital marketing. By imagining strategically and determining the correct techniques, you'll see a positive ROI and produce a content ecosystem that helps your sales in endless manners.

Do you have other ideas on types of content marketing that have promoted your company? Give away all of your secrets in the comments below!

Catch the Audience With These High-Performing Types of Content Marketing

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