The Full Guide: How To Write A Commercial Script?

Internet spaces are so embedded in our daily lives that any reputable commercial company can not do without its project on the network.

The success of the company depends not only on the high quality of the service or product but also on the site. The commercial script is used to fill such web projects for the business. With their help, business owners increase their commercial success. Would you like to know how to write a commercial script? Read the article, the answer is there.

The structure of a commercial script

Before we learn how to write a commercial text, let's take a look at its structure:

  1. Title.
  2. It is important to look for quality and a good title. Everywhere. In any direction of the text. It is desirable if it looks like a beautiful offer that will interest a potential buyer.
  3. Lead (first paragraph).
  4. The main task of lead — to generate interest in what you are saying. Otherwise, people just won't listen to you. Lead always talks about what is important to the client.
  5. Offer.
  6. Briefly stated the offer of something (goods/services). Nothing extra. Just basically what you have to offer. We need facts, lists of benefits, possible proposals that will interest the target audience. Knowing the problem of the consumer, offer a solution and what he will get if he becomes a customer. Combine his interests and your advantage.
  7. Price.
  8. It is specified as a text item or attached as a separate file on a special form. Depending on the volume and objectives of the text. For example, if this is an advertisement script on a social network and you offer a range of services, it is better to attach a price list to it.
  9. How to order/buy/purchase.
  10. This point is skipped if there are no special conditions for the provision of services.
  11. Comment.
  12. No need to list all the good reviews. Insert a screenshot from one, but one in which all your benefits and customer satisfaction are written.
  13. A motivating phrase.
  14. If the goal is cooperation, then play on the competition. It is better to list the facts and figures here. If the task is to attract a client – arouse interest due to his problem and your decision.
  15. Call to action.
  16. It helps the reader to understand how much he needs. Also, this point gives a person an understanding of what to do next.

Commercial script

Collection and verification of facts

But before we start a detailed analysis of the process of preparing the material and writing a commercial script, pay attention to some features:

  • The service is not a material product that can be touched. Your task is to be able to attract attention, demonstrate the benefits of the offer, remove objections and convince to make an order.
  • The service consists of many individual characteristics and it is often difficult to specify the price. Therefore, the description should be such that the customer understands that the price he will pay is much less than the value received in return.

And the first step on the way to victory for the favor of the client will be preparatory work. At this stage, you need to find out all the details and nuances. To do this, you must obtain such information from the customer:

  1. Who is the target audience: geographic, demographic, and behavioral characteristics (or others that are important to you);
  2. What specialists provide the service and what experience they have;
  3. Features of the service provision process;
  4. Due to what a high result is achieved;
  5. Availability of diplomas and certificates.

How to make descriptions of goods and services?

First of all, you need to decide which blocks the text will consist of. It can look like:

  1. Title. It should indicate what you are offering — the name of the service, enhanced by the main feature, your competitive advantage: “Copy team - we do not just write text, but create a sales tool”.
  2. Lead. It is not necessary to start teaching the reader at the beginning of the text — there is a blog for this. A lead is needed for a potential customer to understand what service you offer and what its problem or problem it solves. You have only 8 seconds to attract the reader's attention, and with the help of lead, you immediately have to drag it into reading.
  3. Description. This is the most basic unit. You need to tell what are the main stages of the service and how you provide it.
  4. Benefits. This block should motivate the customer to buy. Help him to understand what he will get if he orders a service from you.
  5. Objections. If you do not have an FAQ page on your site, work out all the most common questions and doubts in the text of the service description. This can be done with expert advice, a suggestion to test the service or direct answers to questions.
  6. Examples. This is any evidence that can confirm your competence and thereby inspire confidence in the reader: portfolio, reviews in text or video format, recommendations, certificates, diplomas, letters of thanks.
  7. Price. It has already been mentioned above that it is quite difficult to specify a specific price for the service. And, nevertheless, try to do it. But it's better if there are 3 option prices: cheap, average and expensive.
  8. Call to action. Don't forget that the text must motivate the reader to take some specific action.

The titles: Commercial script example

So, let's get to the point of the titles. Now we will consider several methods of creating titles.

Advertisement script

  • Question.
  • The question in the title makes the person answer it. This means that regardless of whether he wants it or not, but the reader pays attention to your text. Questions can be rhetorical, can be concrete, can be abstract. However, they are always united by one thing: directly or indirectly, they indicate that the answer lies in the text, but for this, you need to read the text.
    Example of title: Would you like to use the service 3 days for free?

  • The solution to the problem (the answer to the question).
  • People, by nature, are lazy creatures. Of course, I generalize and exaggerate, but, in fact, it is. If it is possible to get a ready-made solution to the current problem instead of looking for the answer itself, most people will take advantage of it.
    Example of title: How to stop worrying and start living?

  • Personal experience.
  • People always have more confidence in those who have already done something, rather than those who just talk about how to do something.
    Example of title: How I lost 20 kilos in 2 weeks!

  • Mystery, secret, intrigue.
  • People just love secrets and mysteries, especially if these secrets will allow them to get certain advantages in your commercial script writing. Still, people like others' secrets, even just like that, without advantages. Playing on human curiosity, you have a very high chance to attract the attention of readers to your text.
    Example of title: The secret of gaining a lot of money is opened!

  • Numbers.
  • Numbers are a measure that allows a person to a priori assess how much benefit he will take from reading a particular text, and how easy it will be for him to perceive the proposed information.
    Example of title: 5 right ways to find inspiration.

  • Accents.
  • Accents give the headers qualitatively new features, enhancing them in some time. By themselves, accents can be ordinary, inconspicuous words, but in conjunction with the title, they increase their effectiveness. A distinctive feature of the accent is that it always points to something.
    Example of title: Who ELSE wants to earn $1000 a month without making an effort?

  • Instilling fear.
  • Fear is a very strong motivating factor. If you fill your headlines with fear, they move the audience to read the main text. It's simple. Man instinctively tries to protect himself from all negative factors. If there is any chance that in the article he will find salvation and protect himself, then the person will read it.
    Example of title: Just one word can save your marriage from destruction!

  • Guarantees
  • A guarantee is a derivative of fear, only served under a different sauce. When a person feels secure, he becomes more loyal to the text he is reading.
    Example of title: You will forget about problems forever!

How to write a commercial script: Illustrations

An illustration is an information object that complements and reveals the thoughts of the text. Illustrations help to draw attention to the article and highlight the important thoughts of the author. They have four important functions:

  1. Increase reader engagement. Illustrations make the text visually structured and easy to read. The article with pictures looks solid and attracts attention, while the bare sheet of text scares and guards.
  2. Reveal the author's thoughts. The text alone does not always fully convey the key ideas of the article.
  3. Inform the reader about the topic and nature of the article. If the article consists of graphs and tables, it is immediately clear that this is research work. The reader can adjust to the desired perception of the text before reading the first line.
  4. Influence the emotions of the reader. Illustration of the effect on emotions is stronger than the text.

Principles and methods of persuasion

The main task in copywriting is to learn how to write convincing texts. Argumentation is a way of reasoning in which a position is put forward as a proven thesis. The truth of the advertising thesis is proved by the system of arguments. An argument is a separate proof included in the system of evidence by which a thesis is proved.

How to write a commercial script

Let's focus on the methods of argumentation which you can use:

  • The use of dialogue. They give the following advantages: dialogue in the situation of product use shows the consumer in real conditions; through dialogue can be more accessible and plausible to develop the argument;
  • The use of evidence (references to authoritative opinion). As a rule, advertising uses three types of evidence: evidence of famous personalities, professionals (specialists) and evidence of ordinary people (consumers of goods or services).
  • The use of the witness statements. They create an attitude to the authenticity and reliability of advertising information. In addition to direct evidence, you can use a link to the fact that someone uses this product or service.
  • The use of statistical data. There you can include evidence of the preference and higher efficiency of the product compared to one or more other brands. Statistics are clear and concise, without taking up much time and space, and can accurately and concisely express very complex and diverse facts.
  • The use of examples. Examples very effectively and confirm the given arguments. Examples make the argument more specific, accurate, and clear.

In any advertising, it is important to influence the needs of the consumer: for an individual, it is important to save money, time or effort, and for enterprises — to increase profits or reduce costs.

SEO process for your article

Write a unique SEO optimized text is not the last factor that you need to keep in mind to get to the first pages of search engines. SEO article is a prepared material for search engines, with promoted keywords.

SEO article

The main goals in writing such articles are SEO page promotion and attracting new visitors to the site:

  • Keywords in the text
  • When selecting the appropriate results, the search engine takes into account several factors. The main thing is the presence of words from the query. Therefore, to bring the page to the top of the issue, you need to make the article as appropriate to these requests. To do this, it enters the words of the possible user requests – keywords.

  • Using H1-H2 headers
  • Search engines pay attention not only to the title of the page. The title can duplicate the page title. The subheadings H2-H6 should also appear throughout the text. They are used to highlight additional topics that will be of interest to the user.

  • Pictures
  • The article should contain pictures, preferably unique. With their help, you can diversify the information laid out in the text. It is recommended to place the picture next to the corresponding text or near the title.

  • The size of the article or text
  • It is recommended that the volume of the article should be about 2-3 thousand characters. A small amount will not reveal all the information to the reader, which will negatively affect page attendance. Too great article with lots of "water", the user does not want to read the full, especially if the material is boring and uninteresting.

  • Links
  • Linking – a great tool that will increase the number of clicks on the site. Linking involves creating links to other pages of the site. Search engines also follow links and thus index pages faster. Wikipedia is an excellent example of high-quality link linking.

Final word

To make your texts sold out in great demand commercial resources, it is necessary to achieve compliance with the following criteria:

  • Conciseness. No "water", we write only in essence.
  • Informativity. The text should inform the visitor about the product (service). But to inform in this volume, which is enough for the visitor interested in the product (service, company). It is necessary to focus the visitor's attention only on the main most important issues that will cause him the right emotion – "I want to buy it."
  • To convey the spirit of the company. Therefore, your commercial text should reflect the spirit and ideology of the company on whose website it is planned to be placed.
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