How To Force Yourself To Work If You Are Not In The Mood To Work?

What is procrastination? Is it dangerous?

Most people are subjected to procrastination in more or less degree. This happens in a condition of boredom or fatigue. For some people, procrastination is a large problem.

Such people during the day shrink from work till the deadline and then in a hurry they try to get in time catching every minute. They forget about sleep, food and rest to do the work in time though they could do it much easier earlier.

This article will help those who are fed up with postponing the things on the last minutes and to escape from this vicious circle of procrastination.

With the approach of warm days and holidays procrastination increases. It is so difficult to do the boring work sitting in the stuffy office dreaming about rest on the sea or just having a picnic on the fresh air with a family or friends.

Procrastination is very dangerous. According to scientific research, it undermines productivity but what is more important it leads to stresses and impairs health.

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It is interesting!

Psychologists from the Western Reserve University did an interesting experiment. They have examined students during their preparation period before an exam. The students were given the choice when to pass the coursework. The research showed that those students who passed their exams in the latest days had higher levels of stress and had more problems with health than those others. In addition, they had much lower marks for their works than students who passed the papers earlier.

Scientists of Bishops University made another research. They examined the relationship between chronic procrastination, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. They supposed that procrastinators are in the zone of risk because as they suffer from stress and more often postpone useful activity such as proper nutrition and physical exercises.

People who suffered from procrastination justify their laziness and unwillingness to work. To overcome procrastination, and to increase your productivity and improve your health it is very important to get rid of old negative models of thoughts that initially lead you to procrastination.

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Excuses and ways how to force yourself to work

These excuses are very insidious that is why you are to put much effort to overcome them. We will discuss the most typical sayings why people do not work and the warning strategies to help you overcome procrastination and become productive, even if you are not in the mood to work.

1. “I have no idea where to start…”.

When we face a difficult task we became as if paralyzed. There is just one thought: I do not understand what to do, so I solve it later. But what will happen later? The problem will be resolved on its own? If the task is difficult you will need more to think over it and spent much time to resolve it, so there is no need to waste the priceless time.

Remember: do not lead the fear to get top of you. If you think that the task is too difficult, divide it into several pieces. Analyze how much work can you do for an hour and make a plan.

The division will help you to recover from the stupor. One by one you will solve all parts of the task without special difficulties. The heavy task will turn into completely realized. With difficult tasks, inaction is the main enemy.

2. “I have got too much to do…”.

Starting a complex project is a challenge. We focus on all sorts of small, irrelevant tasks that distract us from the real goal. We can answer the letters, check social networks, read news and do other unimportant work not to start tackling the main problem.

To be busy does not mean that you are very productive. If you catch yourself on the idea that you try to escape the main task - make a stop. Think what will happen if you continue postponing it.

Distractions dull vigilance, they switch your attention to the little things and do not allow you to think about the real consequences. Reminding yourself of what will happen if you continue to procrastinate is a great way to make distractions less attractive and focus on work.

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3. “It is too easy like two and two together”.

Sometimes simple at first sight things can be very surprisingly devious and you have to worthwhile. It is easy to underestimate the time that will be taken to perform the task. In the long run, when you decided to cope with the task you will be in danger of being a lack of time to perform the task qualitatively.

If the task seems too easy, link it to a more global goal. These connections will turn routine tasks into an important part of your work. For example, you hate to enter data into the database. In this case, think about the role that this data plays for the strategic goals of your Department. Because of this, you realize that a boring task is actually worth your effort.

4. “I do not like it”.

The desire to do the work can disappear by reason that you do not want to do it at all. If you are not interested in it, it is very difficult to make yourself to start this matter.

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5. “I am afraid I fail”.

When you are given an absolutely new project you can be aware to cope with it successfully. The thoughts of fail do not leave you and you are afraid to start. You can reach the point where avoiding failure will seem to you the best option. And in the end you decide never to take such projects because you will fail, right? No! Everything happens for the first time. Imagine how you will be happy when you do it at its best! You will rise in the eyes of your boss and in yours!

To gain the success you are to think of success and a good future. Visualize the positive consequences and prepare yourself for success. Such a process of thinking sets your brain on the right wave.

It goes without saying that it is very difficult to cope with procrastination. Throw off the shackles, believe in yourself, fully immerse yourself in the work, look for creative ways to do it and ultimately achieve more. You can all and deserve only the best!

How to force yourself to work, how to make uninteresting task more pleasant, to gain the success

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