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Sounds poetical? Yeah. It's no secret that today, Instagram is an excellent platform for making money. It has a huge audience of users. And where there are people - there is always the opportunity to realize your commercial potential, whatever you do. By publishing photos and videos on your page, you can have a stable high income, depending on the number of views. There are a lot of techniques which can grow the numbers of views on your account to one degree or another. In this article, we'll discover the most effective ones, and I'll tell why to buy Instagram views is the best option to my mind.

What's the essence of IG views?

Views are the number of people who see your posts. IG views, just like IG likes, is the index of your popularity and success. If you gather thousands of likes and views under each post, that means your promotional strategy works out, and you should continue to follow it. If not, this article is at your disposal.

Instagram views directly affect your income. Putting, for example, putting an advertising post on your page, you expect that the flow of customers will immediately begin to grow. However, in almost all areas of business, there is an incredibly big competition. Your post can simply get lost among others. For your posts to be seen by as many people as possible, you need IG views.

Whom are they essential for?

By regularly publishing interesting and original posts and Stories, you form a solid base of followers who actively support you. The number of views is vital for:

  • shopping and other areas of sales - the more people view your post, the higher possibility to get new buyers and to boost sales;
  • beauty salons and other services - offer informative content, gain views, and thus, you will widen your customer base;
  • media people - singers, politicians, TV presenters - maintain popularity and connections with supporters, enlarge fandoms;
  • bloggers - more views, more chances to start making money on your account. Food bloggers are not the exception, by the way!

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For instance, you are a public, political, or cultural activist, and you want to improve your image, and to communicate your position on a particular issue to your TA. Or maybe, you are fighting for animal rights, you want to draw public attention to social problems and organize volunteer movements on IG. You can be an aspiring writer and strive to find fans as quickly as possible, this is also relevant for artists, poets, performers, actors. And, you know what, you may not pursue specific goals: you just want to say something to people, convey your thoughts and feelings to them, or you long for your words to resonate in the community.

Why do you need more views?

Let's dig into the primary reasons for getting more views as possible.

  • Overall impression. You need to bother about what impression your acc make on the random visitors and target audience. We can impress them favorably with the number of likes and followers, and with the number of views, no doubt. That's why a lot of people prefer to buy Instagram views, likes and follows.
  • Reputation. For a brand or a blogger, it's vital to maintain their status. Such statistical measures as likes and views are essential. People should see that other people appreciate this or that brand, blogger, whatever, only then they are more likely to trust an account.
  • Promotion. You know that IG algorithms work in such a way that the posts with the greater numbers of comments, likes, and views are automatically promoted to the top publications. The higher these numbers, the faster your post will appear in users' recommendations.
  • Personal satisfaction. Let's face it, it pleases our ambitions when we see the 1683 views of the post with our pets, for instance. We can boast of it, at least.

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Methods of winning IG views

  • More video content. Hot issue video content allows you to raise your profile in the Feed and increase views and likes on IG. There are many options: live broadcasts, videos, boomerangs, and videos in Stories, IGTV.
  • Targeted advertising. Such advertising will help improve the growth rates of the target audience because the materials being promoted are shown to all people who fit the criteria.
  • Do not use common hashtags. Please note that since last year on IG, posts with popular tags (for example, #instagood #love #photooftheday #photography #photo #instalike) cover a small audience. The system automatically lowers the posting rating in the Feed and does not increase it as before. Use hashtag generator to come up with the tags which will bring you real views and likes. This tool can generate tags, pointing the frequency of use of each of them. Choose more niche tags.
  • Two-way communication to engage followers. This is another way to help increase Instagram views in 2019. Do not know how? Then take note of my recommendations:

    - Run thematic polls;
    - Softly ask fans to comment on the post and express their own opinions;
    - Arrange contests and giveaways;
    - Act energetically on the page and involve the followers to communicate.

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  • Instagram automation tools. One of the highly effective methods of not only to get views on IG but to promote your account in general. Using such tools, you delegate all the tasks to the automation. These are automated liking, following, Stories views, messaging in Direct, commenting, and so on. Mimicking human behavior these tools are becoming one of the most rewarding methods.

Why is it the optimal choice to buy views?

While all the rest methods require either a lot of your time or the considerable expenditures, to buy views remains the most reasonable alternative to my mind. Let's look at the benefits of this method. How to get Instagram views? Buy them!

But eventually, it is all about the correlation of time, efforts, and the final results you get using one or another method to get more views on IG.

  • Fast results. Imagine, you click a couple of buttons, pay order and that's all, the next thing you see is the growing number of views on your account. No waiting lists, no delays, and long-term processes. Only instant results.
  • Money saving. Though this method is not free of charge, it's price much lower than for instance, advertisements or automation tools, to say nothing from the hiring PR-specialists or SMM-managers.
  • Guaranteed results. There is no such option that you won't get your views when you buy them. Which is not the case for other methods. Moreover, if you choose the right service, you can stay calm.

What should you know before buying?

To answer this question, you need to understand that there are tons of services which offer you to buy Instagram views. Each of these services has its own terms of cooperation and its own price list. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reliable tool which will be convenient and efficient. To do that, pay attention to the following points:

Let's say right away - buying views of real people is impossible. Think about it - is it possible to have a regular staff of several thousand partners who will see the necessary story or video? Obviously, it is impossible to organize technically.

Therefore, all the services that offer the service "live views" just lie to you. The purpose of such deception is often to justify the excessively high price tag. Do not trust such services.

The second point is mediation. You should understand that no service will work for you for free or with minimal commercial gain. This means that they take money from you for their work, there are no free options, the only question is the amount of fee.
You just need to compare the offers of different services. The price is always higher with intermediaries who do not have their own bots and purchase them from a wholesale supplier. In this regard, it is better to choose independent service, the prices will be lower.

And the last thing you should pay attention to is the additional features offered by the service for buying likes. There are services which provide the increase of an account reach, for instance. Do a little research, find the best service for you!

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How can you see who views your Instagram?

Every Instagrammer wonders if anyone has seen his video. You have probably noticed that the network shows the number of views, but do not show who. Here I will tell you how to see who views your Instagram.

  • Views of a video that is posted on IG. If the video is posted on IG in a traditional manner, then the list of people who viewed it is partially available. This means that account owners can see only those who viewed and liked a published video. Unfortunately, if users just watched the video and did not like the post, they cannot be tracked down.
  • Views of a video posted on IG Stories. And here, the situation is different. If you want to see who watched your video on IG, then post it on Stories! The statistics are visible here, and the full list of users who watched the content is available.
  • About security. Well, it is already evident in which case the lists of people who watched the video on IG are is available and in which it is not. But the fact remains that to get full access to such information is impossible due to the specific privacy policy. On the App Store and Play Store, you can find a lot of various programs that promise to show you every account who has seen the video. But I highly recommend you not to risk. You run the risk of losing your own account. In addition, the network administration views such applications negatively and can block your acc. This is not what you want, right?

In case you don't want some strangers (or your Mom) to view your content, I recommend making the profile private. Then only your followers will have access to it. And if you want to narrow the audience further, then choose in the settings a person from your "Close Friends List" Of course, such an action will scale down the flow of new friends and view, but it will ensure the safety of the profile.


Views are the number of people who see your posts. That numbers speak volume about our popularity on IG. The more views you get, the more successful your promotion will become. You need them to make an impression, to maintain a reputation and for personal satisfaction.

For that, you should post more videos, use targeted advertising, forget about using common hashtags, and communicate with your followers actively, engaging them in all your activity. You can use IG automation tools as well. But what is really worth doing is to buy views on IG.

It's simply the best option as you have a chance to get instant quality results and simultaneously to save time and money.

But before turning to a particular service, surf on the Internet read some reviews about it. Do not overpay for a purchase.

Is there a way to see who views your Instagram videos? Yes, there is one - just publish them on Stories! That's the only way, and do not trust those apps which promise you to lift the veil.


The more views on your post or video, the more potential customers you will attract to your store or service. If you are a well-known person or an aspiring blogger, the high number of your videos views will attract even more followers.

The more views on your posts and videos, the higher the reach of your account. The reach is an indicator of the activity on your page, the number of people who saw a particular publication.

Thus, you can make a simple conclusion - the more views you have, the more income your Instagram page will bring to you.

To attract a large number of people to view your publications is an unrealistic task if you do that on your own. For this purpose just buy IG views!

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