What Should You Know about SMM? The Key Factor of Your Business Success

Today’s enterprise environment can be described as a fast-changing and highly competitive setting. Companies, regardless of their size or contemporary situation on the market, can achieve really outstanding performance results or, at least, keeps things on an even keel, only if they're able to adapt to constant changes. A lot can be said about the need of implementing new technologies or conducting marketing research... but there's a question: what`s the sense of having a top-quality product which you can offer even to the savviest clientele, if buyers, real or potential ones, have no chance to find out about it? That's it! Ability to present your product or service and make it visible, easily recognizable and attractive to the target audience, are the most important tasks for a business entity. What is SMM and how does it work? Keep reading to learn!

Social media marketing, or SMM, is by right considered to be one of the most efficient tools for promotion, advertising, interacting with an audience, for strengthening already established connections with loyal clients and, what’s especially important, identifying and searching for the potential audience. Being one of the forms of Internet marketing, SMM can be defined as a complex process of creating and sharing content on SNS, aimed at presenting product or brand.

SMM has become extremely popular and widely accepted in business practices because it allows using the potential of the most widespread communication channels – SNS. The statistics claims that people tend to spend about 2 hours on average per day on SNS, which is equivalent to almost 5.5 years of a lifetime! The number of active FB users as of the 4th quarter of 2018, according to Statista, is equal to 2,32 billion and if we look at the statistics of other popular platforms, we will see that the numbers are really impressive.

More and more people are getting used to make social network communication an integral part of their lives. And the tendency is increasing due to the constant development and implementation of the new features, allowing these platforms to attract new users. So it becomes evident that the future of marketing belongs to SMM, which is likely to replace its conventional forms sooner or later.

what does SMM allow

What does SMM allow?

  1. Getting customer’s favorable attitude
  2. Definitely, the possibility to cover a wide audience is very promising and rewarding, but it's not the only advantage of using SNS for marketing. It has been proven that people are usually more inclined to have a favorable attitude towards brands if they have the possibility to stay connected with them, so if a brand is represented on Facebook or Twitter, for instance, it becomes more personalized, close to the customer, which, in its turn, facilitates the process of establishing relations, based on trust.

    As people dedicate much time to reading news or chatting with friends online, they are willing to find the info on social networks more valuable and trustworthy. That makes it easy to promote goods, services and create a positive image.

    Moreover, transparency is a real value. A social profile can reveal to the buyers another side of the brand reporting on special or daily events, informing about future plans, demonstrating production activity, etc. In other words, SMM enables to present a more human image of the brand.

  3. Providing of information
  4. Social networks provide constant circulation of information, allowing users to exchange opinions, share content and recommendations. And here's another great advantage for business! Relevant info about the company can be spread quickly and automatically, without the interference of an SMM manager. As consumers usually trust online reviews as if they were something of personal recommendations.

    valuable research tool

    Being present on SNS means being visible, accessible, personal and, moreover, sensitive to the customer`s needs and changing preferences. That's the reason why social networks can be used not only as an efficient means of communication but as a valuable research tool. It's not that difficult to use analysis options, which make it possible to monitor traffic ranking, measure and evaluate its dynamics, highlight trends and, taking into account highly reliable and up-to-the-minute data, work out strategies as well as update and improve the existing ones.

    Each marketing manager knows this fundamental truth – feedback is extremely crucial. Only direct communication can assure receiving a timely and relevant response from a client, which helps to identify a company's mistakes and in general understand what exactly requires immediate adjustment and improvement. On the other hand, providing feedback, no matter positive or negative, clients feel heard and respected. The opportunity to express personal opinion makes them believe that they`re not some passive subjects, but influential figures, able to take part in a decision-making process. All of this cannot but bring positive changes to the relations of a company with its audience.

  5. Saving time and money
  6. Cold facts speak for themselves: SMM is flexible, time and cost effective. Statistics shows that expenditures on SMM can be 3 times lower than the costs of advertising via traditional media. Even small businesses and start-ups can afford to allocate a relatively small part of their budget to run paid ads on such media channels as FB, Twitter, or IG. Or they can outsource SMM experts if there's a necessity to run a large-scale advertising campaign or create an image making strategy.

    driving competition

  7. Driving competition
  8. Another important factor, inciting businesses to resort to SMM, is competition. More and more companies are becoming aware of the advantages of social media and, as a result, invest more in SMM with a view to enforcing their presence on SNS. The competitors are left with little option than to follow their example. It is the competition that contributes greatly to the growth of SMM and its technologies.

    The 21st century is the age of high-tech innovations and judging by the rate of technical and economiс growth it can be compared to a high-speed train rushing forward without stopping. And those craving to succeed in business simply have no right to miss their chance to jump into it. SMM is a modern invention with great potential, capable to provide solutions to the most urgent marketing issues, arising before businesses as an effect of inevitable progress.

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