How to Stop Stressing and Start Living

People say life is hard. We are under pressure morning, noon and night. If you are stressed, everybody will witness it: baggy eyes, wizened grimy face and badly covered glance of a killer. We consider stress to be unavoidable, so maybe it’s time to accept it!

On the Internet, you can find tons of articles with advice on how to avoid stress on working place, at home, at school, at your mother-in-law’s place.

Lots of people want to know, how to reduce stress and anxiety. So, I have prepared really useful food for thoughts for you. Now, relax and read.

Greet it!

Ravings of a madman? Not at all! The research of a Garward’s professor Alison Wood Brooks furnished with proofs that stress should be accepted and adopted rather than suppressed. Instead of saying “ I’m ok, I’m not stressed at all”, admit it, say: ”Yep, I’m nervous.” Take the challenge, turn it into the energy and thrive on it!

By the way, those people who take stress as a co-ally appear to be more stable and less exhausted. That’s why, slow down and enjoy life! But if you do not know how, go on reading.

enjoy life

Do not be afraid of it!

There are different kinds of stress. Another scientist from McGill University claims that depending on your attitude to stress, it can be of two types:

Eustress, or in other words, positive stress. It obtains certain features. First, it motivates and directs your energy back on track, improves your performance and productivity. People, experiencing eustress, take the situation as a chance to grow, the possibility to make some progress. It motivates to rise to the challenge. Positive stress is perceived as excitement and will bring you joy and satisfaction in the result.

Eustress is a promotion at work or you are worried whether you can cope with new duties or not. It can be a marriage and a wedding ceremony itself. And what about being in a delicate state of health, if you know what I mean. So exciting… and a little scary, to be honest.

Distress - quite the opposite, negative form of stress. It is the reason for all our concerns, tics and anxieties. How to recognize it? People see the thread and feel despair. Shortly, it feels like it is the end of the world and you are helpless. It restrains you in all aspects and can lead to mental issues and problems with health. It doesn’t look good.

It’s always unpleasant to talk about that, but it can be an illness, the death or a divorce.. Let’s not continue.

negative form of stress

The vital point here is your perception. Try to imagine yourself as a winner in advance. Find your own methods of calming yourself. It can be counting till 10 or 100, it can be classes of yoga or boxing, it can be breath work. Make some research and find your own source of relief.

Know where to draw the line!

Yes, I’m talking about stress. A fair statement. High levels of stress during a long period of time will cause odd problems, no matter positive or negative stress you experience. That’s why it’s of extreme importance to take care of yourself.

If you face it from time to time, think of it as of vaccine: in small portions, it will improve your endurance and your resistance to it. According to a great Chinese fib, people who survived some hardships are in better health and mental conditions, than those tenderlings, who have never seen fire and water. So, how to enjoy your life and your job? Just fix the limits of stress power that influences you.

Save yourself!

Save yourself by changing your attitude. It is not mere verbiage. There is evidence of that. The scientists from the University of Wisconsin–Madison were observing around 30000 of volunteer for the whole 8 years. they were monitoring their stress-level and talking to them regularly. They found out that those people, who claimed about their high level of stress and who really believed in its bad influence on health, run the risk of death by 43% higher than people who did not. People who agreed that they were facing some stress but didn’t believe in its harm obtained the smallest percentage of risk of the untimely death.

Keep it under control!

For sure, it is impossible to escape stress. But you can avoid the negative impact of it on our state of mind. We have prepared for you some precise habits that will help you to feel some signs of relief.

you need to have a rest

1. Use stress as an indicator of the need
If your heartbeat has quickened and your body feel strained, take a deep breath and try to puzzle out what’s the reason. If you guess that it’s all about stress. That way your body gives you a hint that you need to have a rest and that it’s high time to take care of yourself.
2. Take measures against overwhelming fear
Our organism reacts to stress in different ways. As I have already mentioned, positive stress leads to some productivity and creativity to a certain extent, while negative can cause fears, phobias that can affect your activity. That’s why once you feel anxious, handle it, do not let fear outshine you. Think positively, and think different, as Steve Jobs once said.
3. Focus only on those things that you can change
Do not waste your time and efforts on useless things. You may draw a table on a piece of paper: first column - what you can do, the second one - what you can not. Now throw away the second column, burn it and focus on the first one.
4. Do not take everything personally
Try not to think of stress as of something inevitable and global. Any stress should be taken as an impersonal, changeable situation that 100% can be solved. Or what is easier and faster - stop thinking too much!

stop thinking too much

5. Overview your patterns of behavior
Most of you will probably say: ”Sorry, what?” Over time our brain develops let it call mental scripts, which start operating in certain circumstances. these scripts dictate us what to do, what to say, where to turn your head at the very least. To be confident and quite resourceful and to control your stress you need to rewrite them.
Make a self-reflection, recollect the latest critical situation, what your reaction was, what did you do wrong, what right. Then write the new version of the course of events that you will follow next time, in your mind, not on paper. That’s the little trick on how to reduce stress naturally.
6. Surround yourself with positive people and people you like
Only these people can bring some bright colors to your shady life. And do not treat yourself seriously.
Now, you know how to enjoy life to the fullest. Remember, stress is the response to the state of the external environment, its constant changes, insecurities, and challenges. Treat it appropriately! Keep your heads up!

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