How To Write Instagram Texts?

Basic rules + examples.

Now any company that has something to show for the customers wants to know how to write Instagram texts and catchy captions. This social network went far away the times "I just post cute photos from my phone." Today Instagram brings a noticeable sales growth to online stores and increases brand awareness. How to do this successfully? I will tell you in the article.

What key points do you need to pay attention to? Or how to write Instagram captions?

  • Think about the target audience. Determine who will receive the publication and state the purpose of the message;
  • Text style. Use simple and understandable language - the style of “talking with a friend” is commonly used in this social network. Read what is written out loud. It should sound natural, without any hesitation;
  • One topic - one text. Let the reader’s mind be focused on one thing;
  • The absence of long introductions and conclusions. Start immediately with the main idea;
  • “Clinging start”. In the news feed, Instagram shows the first three lines, then comes button “More”, which opens the main text. Therefore, try to formulate the first phrase really catchy so that the reader will be interested enough to read the whole post;
  • Avoid long texts. The maximum volume of the post - 2000 characters with spaces. If the topic is wide, make a series of publications. It’s better than posting additional text in the comment section. Consider the specifics of the Instagram: usually the feed is flipped through really quickly in the mobile version. Lo-o-ong texts are kept for saving, but in the end, they are never read;
  • Do not overfill the captions with "Emoji". Use it moderately. There’s no need to turn the post into “Funny Pictures Entertainment”;
  • Do not insert SEO keys. There is no full-text search in this social network. Only hashtags and information in BIO are important;
  • Use different ways to engage in a discussion. Do not put questions at the end of every caption. People say that such technique causes irritation, and nobody has a desire to talk.

How To Write Instagram Texts

Types of texts on Instagram:

  • Selling (classic selling text, native advertising, the formation of a personal brand);
  • Useful or educational (hacking, experience, description of cases, recipes, tips);
  • Entertaining (games, contests, questionnaires, practical jokes, sfs - friendly mutual PR, funny stories);
  • User content (questions, reviews, experience sharing);
  • Informational (relevant to business accounts, for example, work schedules, delivery terms, other important information for customers).

Posting rules or how to come up with a good caption?

The rules here are the same as for publications on other resources:

  • spaces between paragraphs;
  • correct spelling;
  • correct punctuation.

good caption

The easiest way is to type text from the keyboard using cloud storage, and then copy to Instagram. The bes app is Google Documents. Other convenient services: Evernote, Journey, Google Keep. Applications are opened in the browser. There you can type and edit text. Thanks to automatic synchronization, the text will be available in the mobile application, so just copy it and publish.


Hashtags are one of the few search tools on Instagram.
It is a sign of good manners to publish hashtags not in the caption, but in the first comment. So hashtags help in the search but do not distract the reader. Hashtags can be used for free promotion, but be careful. You should choose only low and mid-frequency ones (no more than 50 and 100 thousand requests, respectively). High-frequency hashtags on Instagram are not efficient, because:
  • posts are rapidly falling down in the search;
  • a harmless, but popular hashtag can get on Instagram's blacklist and do not appear in the feed;
  • on such popular requests, the target audience will never come, because they will be lost in the pile of information garbage;
  • there is always an automatic following set up to really popular hashtags (mass-liking and mass-following). So you will have to constantly “clean” your followers from spam accounts.
For example, on #love hashtags, you can find anything from hairdresser services to fashionable boots. If your text is really about love, you should just narrow the topic. Personal hashtags can perform the function of navigation within the account. Use the same for a series of publications on the selected topic. Geo hashtag is relevant if you are talking about a regional product. For example, #courses_language_Milano

Rules for writing hashtags

To make your hashtag clickable, write either all in one word (even if there are more words) or use underscores. Hashtags with a dot and other punctuation marks Instagram automatically counts as two different words, and only the beginning remains active.
For example, the hashtag #lovelessly will be entirely clickable. And #Ilove.summer - only “I love”, while the word “summer” will remain as just simple text.

writing hashtags

Posts on Instagram: three pillars we lean on

Whether you will lead a personal or a commercial account on Instagram, you need to remember three basic rules. So, 3 “pillars” of perfect text:

  1. Nice picture. The Instagram audience “forgives” fuzzy, blurry and faded photos only to close friends. Do you have a business account? You need to post high-quality photos of the same style. Without this thing, the user will not even reach the text. He will just skim the ugly picture.

    The main advantage of Instagram posts is the ability to reinforce each product advantage with a picture. Due to this, all the advantages that were previously crowded in lists now will be noticed and appreciated. The ideal formula for a photo with a product/service on Instagram is 1 single picture and 1 advantage. Do you sell backpacks? Show photos with internal compartments, clearly demonstrate how many things fit into it and add some clothing captions. Do you offer notebooks? Then make layouts with color covers, show the features of the internal content. Do you agree, that such photos with captions will cause more confidence than stamps like “impressive spaciousness” or “wide range”?

  2. Infogram. If a user follows a business account, he wants to not only see backstage or products. He needs to know how to order the goods, how to get to the nail salon or who to order a tour to Europe. Therefore, it is advisable to leave contact information in each post and completely fill in the bio - account header. Without this, even catchy quotes for Instagram will not be useful.

    Making bio is a whole art. The cap should be short and concise - so that the follower will immediately understand what kind of company you are, what services/products you can offer, and how to get them. If a person does not understand your account, he will leave it immediately. If there is a link to a website or group in a social network - it is also published in BIO.

  3. Infogram

  4. Editing. It is logical that the text should be written correctly and without mistakes. This advice is not even about the need of dictionary when writing a text, but that it is better to reread each text 2-3 times before publication. Everybody makes mistakes and misprints, but to raise a reputation after “blunders” is much more difficult than building a business from the start. Therefore, proofreading, proofreading and proofreading again.

How to write captions?

What to offer as entertaining information depends on your audience. Post the features of goods, photos of the workflow (employees, office, warehouse or store). Place advertising and selling posts with products and service descriptions.

If you, for example, lead a cosmetics shop profile, dilute posts with products and prices with tips on choosing products, make-up master classes, and facial care tips.

In the case of the tourism business, for example, you can dilute texts about hot price tours and other services with tips on planning a budget for a trip, and describing interesting laws of different countries. And so on. The principle is probably clear.

Post a photo of a courier who is in a hurry to the post office, a sleepy pastry chef who beats up the mixture for macarons, a manager who packs up goods. Such posts have a clear goal - to inspire confidence. Customers are always interested in looking behind the scenes, and you should give them that opportunity with your Instagram account.

Practically all types of business can have a popular acc on Instagram. The rule is that the closer to the people you get, the better connection you will have. If on Facebook or on your personal website you write strict texts and polish the product cards so that there is only “the most juice”, you can afford more entertaining content on your Instagram. Behind the scenes is always interesting to the reader.

The text in such posts should be conversational and simple. Chat with readers. For example:

“Every morning Maria tries to make your cappuccino warm on your way to work”;

“Today and tomorrow we work till 00:00 so that you can buy or order goods before the New Year. With us, you will have time to buy all the gifts! ";

“John wore out the first apron, sitting at the potter's wheel and lovingly creating your orders. And today we gave him a new one because he has a B-day today! ”

Yes, these are not selling texts. These are texts working on brand and communication.

The more open and sincere the profile will be, the faster readers and customers will come to you.

written correctly

What is the best time to post?

Although social networks and their users are unpredictable, analysts of SumAll managed to draw parallels and highlight the hours when the activity of visitors is high. If the post is published during this period of time, then there are more chances that it will be noticed. So, it is best to publish texts for this social network on weekdays at 17-18 o'clock of your target audience timezone. You can also attract the attention of followers by placing a post at a time when the feed is empty - late at night.

But it is important to focus on the behavior of your TA. If you sell products for babies, then in the evening mothers on maternity leave usually meet the husband from work and go for a walk with the family, but time within 10-15 hours is more suitable for posting.

If your audience is mostly students, then in addition to the evening time, you can post Instagram texts in the morning (when they go to the classes and browse social networks on the way in public transport) and around 14-15 hours (when the classes are over).

Remember! On Instagram, there are algorithms for selecting content for the user (similar to fb). Therefore, the time of posting fades into the background (although it is still used by SMM-specialists). The main task is to motivate readers to comment and like to increase the value of your posts and their position in the followers' news feed. Motivate followers to respond to comments and chat.

How to lose followers?

Let's talk about mistakes. Social networks, as a business tool, is on the stage of developing. And wrong actions in the promotion are very common. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others, so I propose the most frequent cases:

  • Closed business accounts. Imagine you were invited to the opening of the store, handed a bunch of booklets and discount flyers. With a positive attitude, you approach the door, decorated with balloons, and it ... is closed. The same feelings will be experienced by the client who saw the closed business profile on the social network.
  • Publishing only selling texts with photos of goods and services. Put yourself in the reader’s place and imagine that there is only a variety of bags or a diversity of children's toys in your gallery. It will cause the only desire - to unfollow.
  • Lack of dynamics and consistency. Any account in social networks need to post regularly or it will rapidly lose its popularity. If you promote your account - do regular posts. Better 2-5 posts once a week than 10 in one day.
  • Ignore. If your posts have comments, give feedback. Instagram is a platform for communication, and the follower should always know that he is appreciated.
  • Puns with hashtags. This useful designation can lead the CA to fast, or it can become a meme-mocking. Be sure to read how your hashtag sounds, especially when it consists of two or more words. Sometimes a pun can come out not only funny but also indecent.
The rules of writing texts on Instagram, examples, samples, and hashtags can be easily searched on the net, or you can create it by yourself. The peculiarity of this social network is that it is “alive” and posts with charisma and character will attract more attention. Do not be afraid to experiment and sincerely communicate with your customers and Instagram will quickly increase the popularity of your business.

We hope this small FAQ on correct posting on Instagram was helpful to you. If you have any secrets of your own, put your message in the comments!
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