How to Become Instagram Famous

I declare, that everybody can success on Instagram! Read more to know how to get followers on Instagram and how to be Instagram famous!

     If you are not one of the top Instagram accounts, stay calm and read my blog. Everybody has the opportunity to become a popular Instagram blogger if he or she adheres to the simplest tips.

#1 Basic improvement of Instagram account

    Choose a loudly and catchy username. In case you fail to do it, try to ask your friends, remember your school nickname or use any word-generator online. Don't make your username too complicated or mystery. Your profile should be easy to find!
    Upload the most coherent and quality photo as the profile photo. It should catch the attention of any user immediately. Try to use an unusual camera angle or an uncommon place for your photo. Mind, that Instagram fans should associate your name with the profile picture. If you desire to be hot on Instagram, you should never be scared to post your private and really personal thoughts and photos.
    Take a particular topic. Your Instagram account should represent some hobby, special interest, a way of life etc. Add the data about your account theme to the BIO and make coherent captions under the photos.
Are you a great cook? Make the main theme of your Instagram tasty food and appetizing photos. Do you fancy fashion? Cover a topic of colors, style, and current fashion trends. Are you a fan of a particular game or a specific book series?  Make equine-themed pictures and post your unique content on Instagram!

How to become Instagram famous

#2 Structure and harmonize your gallery

    Every professional Instagram account has its own style. It is reflected in the softly-softly color theme, natural ways of editing pics and the rational coherence of the main  idea to the whole Instagram account. Try to structure your content and harmonize every publication in your gallery to one and only style it will attract the relevant and active target audience. Don’t make your profile a tasteless multi-filtered trash can. Just to mention, a large number of people like to use hashtag ‘#nofilter” to show the naturalness of their feed.
    Apply smartly different apps for editing photos. Of course, Instagram has its own tools for photo editing, but it’s not enough for a professional account. Use specific apps like VSCO Cam, Aviary, Prisma or Snapseed to edit photos like a pro.
I advise you to make hundreds of pics but post on Instagram only the genuine ones. I know that it’s impossible to make a really perfect shot on the first try. So I highly recommend to take many snapshots and only then choose the right one for the gallery of your Instagram. Both in photographic art and in the production of Instagram gallery the next rule works: repetition is the mother of skill. You will surely improve your gallery if you experiment and always try something new. Plus night and day you should care about the quality, not the quantity.

#3 Boost your Instagram account

Use Instagram hashtags. Direct your attention to the trends and gently hashtag every your fresh picture with it. Plus you can attract like-minded people and create a specialized community. Here are the most popular ones: #nofilter #flawless #nochill and #tbt.
Subscribe to other Instagram users. Discover the profiles you like and follow them. Comment pics and give likes. It’s impossible to be popular on Instagram without interaction with other people.
Use geolocation while posting new photos. Instagram users can find your great feed in the popular places you visit. But take a note, that you share your everyday location with the whole world.

#4. Keep all your followers engaged.

I assume, that if you have a desire to be successful you must post regularly new photographs. According to official statistics, the Instagram accounts, that start posting less frequently loses its followers more quickly.  All subscribe to receive your news, so don’t forget about it. But don’t go overboard with publications. Use Instagram Stories if you plan to post more than 2-3 publications a day.
Always try to start an interesting discussion. When you make a post, end it with a question to your follower. Ask something funny or interesting. The more interaction you post gets, the more popular your content will be. Tag people or places on your photos or in the comment section. Instagram statistics confirm, that the accounts who tag other users are 50% more popular than those who never put tags.
Try to socialize with your dear followers. Answer to comments, direct messages, like photos and subscribe to new people. Show people that you care about their opinion and thank them for their interest.

Additional advice
    Never beg for likes and follows. You know, nobody likes beggars. Please, be patient and observe the natural increase in popularity.
Be yourself! If you are honest with your audience about the job you do, the followers will pay back with love.

Monitor the popularity via different websites like Statigram,, and Iconosquare. Check your statistics and regulate the content strategy. Reconsider tactics if you see some increase or decrease in the amount of fans.

I wish you luck and popularity to your Instagram account!
Whether you have any suggestions, you are welcome to put all of them in the comment section under the article ;)

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