More bread….

1. …people who stop eating bread and say don’t miss it are either lying or crazy! That spongy gluten deliciousness is very hard to replace.

2. I don’t like food waste – and neither does anyone else I imagine!

I make a load of seed bread but as they are very crumbly I get a lot of biggish crumbs. Covering them in chocolate works. But what else?

Today I took all my crumbs and blitzed them into a very rough flour. I then beat one egg, added 1 tbsp of psyllium husk, 1 tsp baking powder, 3-4 tbsp of the seed bread flour and a pinch of salt.

I then heated a pan and added som ghee (use coconut oil if you like) and then cooked on medium to lie heat for 5 min each side until cooked/baked through. A great lunch sandwich and I think it would be a very tasty burger bun.



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