Soup the answer to all problems!

That is a COMPLETE lie if course, my 7 year old has hit miniature teenagedom and is trying to kill me off I think. Today she shouted and cried for most of the evening – it did make her tired though so she fell asleep at 1900. I wasn’t allowed to say goodnight to her until I had apologized. Hence I will have to sneak in a kiss now that she is asleep. The benefit of kids is of course (at least mine) that tomorrow is a new day, all forgotten and hence forgiven!  One of my many mistakes as a parent this evening was making soup, little Miss did not want soup (albeit she did eat a big bowl when I lost my will to live and went to clean up).  Hence I think it was a success.

Veggie Soup – for 4

I brown in some oil:

1 Carrot

1 onion

4 parsnips

1/4 celeriac 

Last nights left over cauliflower and broccoli. This was about 5 larger florets of each) This is the beauty of soup is you can add almost all your semi tired veg and it still tastes great.

Pour on stock (I had chicken stock from last night, but done good quality bouillon works too). Add as much as you like – I would suggest adding say 1 litre and after blitzing you add more to get it the thickness you like.

Simmer and when soft blitz until smooth and season.  

To change it you can add spinach the following day and some crispy bacon, another multi meal deal.  Now I am off to kiss little Miss that is delightful now that she is asleep. 


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