Kale (Smoothie +) – more than just something to kill off in the fridge

I love kale… or maybe I more love the fact that it is so healthy and that means I love it a little more!

Kale in a smoothie:


My morning smoothies are pretty standard but when there is kale I add it. So yesterday morning I had Kale, banana, lemon juice, spirulina, raspberry smoothie (with water for the right consistency).  Felt like I was virtuous all day.  I also added 1/3 of a nectarine. I bought 4 organic nectarines… this is what was I able to save after less than 24 hours. Very annoying – but with kale in my system I could brush it off.  I have a new compost in the garden hence I even felt good throwing the rotten fruit in there (well ish).

The thing I forget about kale is that it is delicious with a piece of meat cooked down with a nob of butter, some lemon juice and plenty of salt and pepper.  Add some bacon or chorizo and you have a meal in itself.  It also works as sallad – much more flavour.  This means that none of the kale will go on the compost heap.  But as I have lots of apples falling off my trees there is no problem filling my compost.  This has also led me to another breakfast however with cooked apples, some yogurt (or not) and my muesli.

My garden is fabulous – I am also getting better at not killing things albeit there is a very big whole where the rhubarb was….


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