Killing the neighbours hens – a right to feel guilt

This week has been VERY eventful, which considering it is Wednesday lunchtime is quite something. If they say life begins at 40, it unfortunately also ends…

Chickens eating in the garden

Sunday evening Mr M and I watch About a Boy – it is pouring with rain and it is a pretty uneventful evening to be honest. We hop to bed without a care in the world.  At three I wake up… I am feeling like I have forgotten something.  At 3.05 I realise what…. the neighbours hens that we are looking after have not been penned in for the night.  Mr M runs across in his PJ’s and wellies…. comes back after about 5 min, but why oh why I am lying in bed missing that very soothing click of the door locking. Unfortunately a very good reason no hens!  Ho goes back out and comes back sometime after 4 in the morning. No hens, but a lot of feathers.

Monday morning I get up early to look for hens, there is one in the hen house sitting on her egg (there were 5)… she looks worse for wear and is not the happy chicken she was running around at my birthday part last week.  She has very few (read none) feathers on her bottom, but except for that and a look of fear she seems ok.

Now proceeds, looking for the other 4, but we realise pretty quickly they have gone to hen heaven, or rather into a fox… Then it is feather clean up time. Speak to the neighbours who are very understanding and off to get 4 more hens, as they are pack animals.  The farmer says they should all play nicely so another 4 hens get picked up and placed in the hen house.

A few hours later we also get the ‘old’ hen into the hen house for the night and they all look like they are sitting pretty on nice straw and saw dust well fed and watered.

Tuesday morning – plenty of eggs and 4 bullies.  Overnight they have picked on their new friends bottom so much it is in a terrible state. Mr M and I realise we have to do the dirty deed and send her to hen heaven too.  This is not a job I EVER want to do again, albeit I can very much understand the statement ‘it is kinder to the animal’ now.  Now there are 4 hens – they seem happy and I will NEVER forget to close the hen house door at night again.

Just to ensure that Karma is in full working order on Tuesday night the cellar filled with poo water… Luckily our insurance company was very efficient.

I realise the little I have spoken about me highlights a lot the guilt I feel – this was justified guilt.  How awful can I be – one thing I forgot with some serious consequences for the poor chickens.

To make my self feel better I had the leftover raspberry crumble on greek yougurt and cherries for breakfast. Oh so delicous!


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