Sugar sugar and more sugar….

I read this article today about British new sugar guidelines. In Sweden Ann Fernholm writes a lot about the stress sugar puts on our bodies in Ett Sötare Blod / A Sweeter Blood. It is odd that low carb diets have been fashionable for a long time but for me at least it feels like sugar is more and more being identified as the villain. Both Ann and now the British government confirm this. The fear of fat – at least for me does not exist. The beauty of fat is that it fills you up so it is hard to eat way to much of it!  Obviously there are good and bad fats too, but I eat a lot of fat, but try and keep refined sugar out as much as I can.  In the same way asy sugar consumption however I eat ‘pure’ fat; cream with 40% fat, proper butter, coconut oil etc. My only apprehension on calling my way of eating LCHF – Low Carb High Fat – is that I am not so keen on rules. I.e. I eat all fruit and veg, my limits and foods to avoids are really only the processed or the refined. 

Now I am off into town to play with my sister, was meant to move rubbish in the garden so now feel guilty. Mr M did not seem overly troubled, I think if I could give up guilt like I can control my sugar intake I would find the happy and healthy pill, wish me luck. 



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