AHhhhhhhhh – look at my lovely basil as a holding page…

I just wrote a post of my GREAT – even if I do say so myself fish pie – and I managed to loose it.  I am technical imbecile and it drives me mad, I see technology and I get angry… which considering I tried to do a 5 minute meditative walk today should not have happened I should be in zen mode…  Sometimes I feel angry quite a lot – but the other option is having a good cry and for some reason I don’t do that very often, albeit it may be more constructive.  When I cried a few months back talking to a friend my daughter stated it was the first time she had seen me cry.  Isn’t it odd we hide these emotions from kids that cry at least 5 times a day? But I get angry that I worry about things that 1) I can’t do anything about 2) haven’t happened and may never happen 3) don’t matter 4) about being angry…

I will go and shower for my meeting and look at my basil plant – so pretty!


I am very proud of the old tin I bought at the weekend – the basil I bought from the supermarket yesterday… I may have to see what it looks like in a month…


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