Salmon Easy dinner

I think dinner is quite easy to make healthy – fish or meat with sallad or cooked vegetables.  In the summer when the sallad vegetables are super tasty and you can BBQ I am quite happy to live like that.  Today it rained ALL day. I had a MacDonalds for dinner last night and I accompanied my youngest to a birthday party today and ate too much cake – after this I felt I needed something good. My kids love salmon with pesto on top hence this is what we had.

I would not claim that this was the meal of my dreams but it was tasty and satisfying in a non stuffed way.  I think it is important to have a few of these in your back pocket so you can ensure you eat well most days not just once in a while!

Tomorrow is another week… maybe the week where I figure out what to do with my life? Wish me luck!

Salmon and pesto

Piece of salmon large enough for the amount of people you are.

Pesto ready made smeared on top and then into the oven – depending on the size this will take more or less time!

Spinach, Cabbage and Peas (for two, the kids had carrot and cucumber raw)

As we had been away I didn’t have a lot of vegetables so I cooked in some rapeseed oil:

One charlotte onion finely chopped

One carrot chopped into small chunks

3 large handfulls of spinach

2 large handfuls of shredded Chinese cabbage (the slightly curly one)

Cook this in 2 tbs of rapeseed oil. Add plenty of salt and pepper and when the spinach has started to wilt add 4 tbs of white wine.  Lastly add the peas below.

2 dl of frozen peas (placed in boiling water for a min before they are drained and added.

Feta yogurt mix

In order to make it a little more exciting I also made a little sauce/gunk to go with it

Half a packet of feta

1.5 dl greek yogurt or dairy free alternative

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp herb salt

plenty of black pepper



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