Sallad dressing and stuff

Last night I was out and went to the Miss Dress launch party here in Stockholm, it was a lot of fun and nice to get a little dressed up!  As I don’t have a full length mirror you only get a shot of the face (obvioulsy I looked super stylish….!?).  I live in the suburbs and realise that when at home I am in my pajamas almost ALL the time.  Not so attractive!IMG_0656

I eat a lot of sallads and in 9 times out of 10 I make the same sallad dressing:


1 dl olive oil

1/3 dl white wine vinegar

1 tsp dijon mustard

salt and pepper to taste

Sometimes I add half a tea spoon of honey.  I think the big key is to get the oil to emulsify and go all creamy. The easiest way which I use a lot is to close the lid of the jar in which I am making the dressing and then shake it vigorously for 30 seconds or so.

I also use the same ingredients but add 3 tbsp of mayonnaise for a dressing for coleslaw.

Coleslaw is a staple in our house as I think white cabbage is brilliant – it tasted great, the kids eat it and it lasts for ages.



Now I am off to bed – night… here is a photo of the way I almost always look… The benefit of not having a full length mirror means I have to take the pictures from above – much more flattering!



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