Happy kids Happy Mum – pack dinners/lunches

Today my kids have activities hence we need a good take away dinner, as I always feel afterwards it is too late… Also when they have reached braking point it is hard to get them back.  Then bedtime is hideous!!! Hence I tend to give mine a little tupperware box of cucumber and carrots for in the car and then they get sausages when we arrive (they stay warm for a little while in foil) … and if your kids are anything like mine cold food is never an issue!

My other choice is some hot smoked salmon – they love it and I feel smugly like mum of the year when they eat it. My eldest one also LOVES sallad dressing hence eats an avocado with olive oil and balsalmic vinegar… my little one unfortunately states clearly how disgusting they are.

It used to feel like a sandwich was the only choice but I think it is more getting out of the habit of thinking bolognese needs pasta, fish needs potatoes etc.  My kids are more than alive and kicking!




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