Simple Muesli and Lab Coats

Psychologically I believe I eat better the rest of the day if I have a good breakfast.  If I am out and there is no good breakfast I have started eating the scrambled eggs at MacDonald’s. Actually in my mind quite a good option. I am sure many people now want to highlight the fact that everything in MacDonald’s is bad, but I eat like this to eat well – but I also want to have a life. Then sometimes you end up eating cake, crisps and things you maybe feel you shouldn’t! But to me that is life!  The day I say I shouldn’t eat something to forcefully is the day I eat a bucket of said ‘forbidden fruit’!

Anyway this muesli we always have at home and Mr. M has it in his drawer at work. We tend to eat it with greek or turkish yogurt (10% fat):


5 dl pumpkin seeds

2.5 dl sunflowers seeds

1 dl linseeds

1/2 dl chia seeds

1 dl raisins

1 dl hazelnuts

1 dl walnuts


It is as easy as that and I tend to add some cinnamon before I eat it – it is also very nice with some honey on top!

Now to lab coats!  I used to LOVE the series Green Wing ( a British comedy series which was just pure brilliance. It was set in a hospital and had plenty of intrigue… But they also tried and tested how to look cool in a lab coat. Today I am at a rather brilliant friends of mines work and she has a lab coat. How cool is that. Here is a picture of me at my happiest in a lab coat!  Enjoy!!!!

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