Cucumber and Salmon Canapes and Sunshine

It was sunny yesterday and I went for a run and messed about in the garden whilst the kids ran around with their friends. I also drank too much coffee, but in the early evening I wanted to sit in the sunshine and have a glass of white IMG_0581wine (and for once we had no white wine in the house… I believe that has never happened before!) But I also had some smoked salmon that needed eating as well as things I always have in the cupboard – cucumber, avocado, horseradish (in Sweden you can buy it ready grated in a tube, however I also tend to have some fresh stuff in the bottom of the fridge; it lasts a long time!).  With that I made these little beauties:


Cucumber and Salmon Canapes

Make long slices of cucumber with a peeler.

Take your smoked salmon out and cut it into slices as wide as the cucumber

Take an avocado and cut into large bite size chunks

Grate horseradish – if you are grating your own you cam mix it with some cream cheese or some dairy free creme fraiche. I had none of the these hence I didn’t.  Depending on strength I would add between 1/4 to a 1/2 of a tsp of horseradish per roll.

Put cucumber slice, then salmon, lump of avocado at end with horseradish. Roll it up – add lots of black pepper and fresh lemon juice.  In they go!!


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