Pancakes… to poo or not to poo

In Sweden pancakes is a staple child lunch/dinner in almost all restaurants.  I still find it very difficult to accept that pancakes with cream and jam counts as a meal.  The British piece of me feels it is missinIMG_0421g a vegetable portion at least!  Also as my youngest has a bit of a problem with either not doing a poo or if she is lucky something rock solid…  I have finally created a totally wheat and gluten free pancake the kids love. In this case I used normal milk however.  The problem if you also use a dairy free alternative is that they are then very hard to turn, but excess buttering of the pan does make this possible but patience is not always a virtue that I have in excess.

Gluten free pancakes

2 egg

2 tbs Psyllium Husk (Fiber Husk)

5 dl milk

1 dl buckwheat flour

1 dl coconut flour

pinch of salt

50 gram of melted butter (cooled)

Mix all the dry ingredients then add eggs and milk and mix to a smooth mixture.  Let it stand for 10 minutes and add more milk if needed the mixture should be runny like loose sirup.

Add a little butter and then cook like normal pancakes.IMG_0422

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