Starters and Pudding – easy but good for show too

This weekend we have family staying which means the girls are happy as pigs in poo and I can chop grass, plant things and come up with some good (and some bad) ideas….  I made some very easy starter and pudding.

IMG_0467Smoked Salmon and Avocado (per person so scale up)

Mix smoked salmon chopped into bits


Mayonnaise (and some greek yogurt if you wish) 1tbs of each (or two of mayonnaise) per person

Grated horserdish to taste – I like it quite spicy i.e. close to a tsp a head

Lime juice

Salt and pepper

Mix it all up and serve

I then served a not so fabulous asian style pulled pork it was fine but a little dry hence may have to work on that a little…

Pudding on the other hand was well received – obviously after a dry piece of pork for main it may have left everyone hungrier… but I won’t dwell on that!

Fruit with Chocolate sauce (4 people)

Chop fruit of choice of:

pineapple, banana, pear, apples (approximately half a piece of fruit per person… obviously more like a quarter of a small pineapple).IMG_0483

Fry in  2tbs of butter to soften

Chocolate Sauce

25 grams butter

1/2 dl agave syrup

2 tbs cacao

1/2 tsp maldon sea salt or similar – salt is so important in chocolate

2-3 dl of water (add 2 dl and cook so it thickens and add a little more for a sirupy consistency)

Service with Banana Ice cream, whipped cream or just fruit and chocolate sauce.

Another week ahead and then the first celebration of Valborg in Sweden, basically a bonfire … I actually know nothing else, I think it may be welcoming spring? If so I am very happy to welcome spring – welcome!!



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