Worms, bugs and eggs and soup!

Today I have been tending to my garden – I am ridiculously excited about my tulips and daffodils!  But today we found lots of animals worms in bulk, bugs and duck eggs… I am a little worried I will have to become the mother of 9 ducklings too as mummy duck seems to have gone walkabout.  Sometimes I feel I would make such a good housewife, flowers to pick and look at, and then the fruit trees.  I get more than a little obsessed about picking all the apples in the garden and using each and every one (there are 4 apple trees). I believe (I have – just trying to smooth over my obsessiveness with sounding like I am not sure) I still have applesauce (äppelmos) in the freezer from 2013…IMG_0473



For lunch I made the easiest 5 minute lunch – I had cooked the chicken carcass from the roast chicken we had earlier in the week and made some chicken stock.

1 liter stock

1 liter water

1tsp vegetable buillion powder

left over roast vegetables

left over roast chicken

Blitz after adding vegetables, add chicken and just heat through.

If you don’t have leftovers, just cook onion and and whatever veg you like and cook these in some oil to get some flavour (and salt and pepper) and then add two liters of water and a stock cube or buillion  Simmer until vegetables soft and blitz with hand blender.  Soup is so easy and so tasty and you feel very virtuous making it and eating it.

Now I am about ot have my 8th cup of coffee, my mother and aunt are visiting. I think they think I am cranky and jittery… but really it is just that I am not used to quite the coffee volumes that Swedes drink.  I am not entirely sure training to enable me to bring numerous pints of strong coffee every day is where I should spend my time or energy either…


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