Banana Ice Cream

I read somewhere that if you freeze very ripe bananas in chunks and then take out a few until they are a tiny bit less frozen and blitz them you will get delicious banana ice cream and it will actually taste like ice cream.  I DID NOT BELIEVE THEM!  But they weren’t lying, I actually put 1/2 dl of cream in (dairy free alternative is fine) and my eldest daughter loved it! My youngest only really does chocolate… EVER!

I had to try some with some gooey chocolate cake (like grown up kladdkaka for the Swedes out there) I had left over from the weekend.

Now I am off to play tennis… need to learn to win, I don’t by any means believe I am the nicest person in the world but on the tennis court I am far TOO nice.  So the inner bitch in me will have to be unleashed. Over and out!



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