Smoothie for Breakfast – Happier!

God Morning all!

Feeling much better today as decided last night to have a good day.  So got up and got dressed (not just jogging bottoms) even put some mascara on and had a good breakfast smoothie. I always have these ingredients at home:

A large handful of spinachIMG_0453

One small avocado (I buy the nets of avocado) IMG_0451

Small cup of frozen raspberries

One small to medium sized bananas

Squeeze of lemon

Spoon of ready chopped ginger

1 tsp of Spirulina if you wish

1 dl water and more to make it a good consistency

Blitz and drink!  Delicious and you feel very goos having had both an avocado and spinach for breakfast!

Even got my sunglasses out and my daughter said I looked very sweet… I think maybe more gangster in the picture she wanted to take. But thought I would add it and of course all photo rights go to little Miss M!



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