Today I am in a dipp, a little sad.  No idea why!  What to do with my life. When I am in a dip I used to eat Cheese Doodles / Wotsits.  These days I eat a vast amount of crisp bread/knäckebröd (which is Rye so a little better). But 10 slices with lots of butter and salt… It doesn’t make me feel better. I would like to work with food and FUN.  I have done about 15 stand up gigs and now need to get into action again… But how can I turn this into something where I can actually make enough money to live on? Any ideas?

If you met me today you probably thought I was on great form – and I wasn’t faking it!  But if I then get a few minutes to think I think not so happy thoughts… I think I will go to bed another day tomorrow – a good one where I am unlikely to remember why I felt down today.

On a good note I had the leftover Deluxe Taco’s for dinner, it was very tasty!  And it was the first dinner this year outside. Bring on the summer!



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