Fredags Mys – ‘Friday Cosy time’

In Sweden one highlights of the week for many (and I am sure in other countries) is Friday evening. The weekend is ahead and you have worked or been at school all week.  Here in Sweden dinner on a Friday in a vast amount of households is Taco’s.  I thought as we are having guests this evening I would make Taco deluxe.  This is actually still incredibly simple the only thing it is best cooked for 6 hours plus hence pop it into the oven before you go to bed an it will be ready the next morning and can just be reheated for dinner.

In our household the kids then eat popcorn whilst Mr. M and I have a glass of wine… or three sometimes!  Popcorn to me is food nostalgia at its best. We used to get them as kids. My mum swearing like crazy and having thrown out lots of badly burned pans, then of course came revolution and microwave popcorn.  I could pretend that I shunned these and never used them and moved to popping my own popcorn because I am so super duper good in every way…. The real reason is that the microwave caught fire one day and we haven’t replaced it and actually I don’t miss it except for Breakfast in a Cup, but then I trot over to a neighbour and then get some social fun and a cup of coffee so all in all pretty good!

Popping my own popcorn now does not burn, I use coconut oil which I believe can handle higher temperatures which may be the key to my success.

Receipe to follow!


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