Beetroots and Goats cheese

This is a brilliant thing to make for a super easy lunch but also translates into dinner party food of the slightly more ‘fancy’ version as it looks so good!  This is also something that you can have in IMG_0244the fridge for a rainy day as most if the ingredients last for a few weeks!

Ready cooked beetroot

Goats cheese (on top)

Trickle with honey, salt and pepper and if you have it some fresh Thyme

Cook in oven at 180 degrees C until goats cheese is golden.

Dry fry some nuts – walnuts may be the number one choice but hazelnuts as per the picture was also very good.  Add these before you serve.

Serve with some rocket. Dressed if you wish!

P.S. I have not added volumes here as really you can eat this as a main as or serve in small ramekins for a dinner party!

P.P.S. A bit like the Beetroot and Raspberry smoothie do not eat this in your new white t-shirt…


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