Energy bars….

The debate with energy bars is of course that they often taste like pants… dry ones at that. Cardboard with a hint of nothing… ¬†The one below is only for people who likes peanuts (but who doesn’t?) and if you want to make it even better then smear some of the Healthy Nutella.

1 dl chopped /whizzed in food processor dates (soak for 5-10 min and then pour off excess water)

1.5 dl oats (you can buy gluten free oats) lightly toasted if you wish – 150 degrees C for 10min

1 dl roughly chopped almonds

2 chopped figs

1/4 dl honey

1/4 dl crunchy peanut butter

1 tsp maldon sea salt or similar

Mix all the dry ingredients and whilst melting the peanut butter and honey. Add this to try mixture and then cool on flat surface. Chop into 8- 10 chunks depending on the size you prefer. Keep in Freezer or fridge!


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  1. Cecilia

    Super yummie recepies!! I want some!! :)

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