Stylish or non stylish?

This is definitely a 21st century problem but how does one define new style (when it comes to clothes).  There are a few dilemmas:

Budget – I can’t have everything I want

Ethics – I feel (a bit) guilty wanting STUFF and new clothes when really I need nothing!

Stingyness – I know this ,may look like this should go with budget, but I sometimes buy something SOOOO nice I don’t wear it…. stupid I know, but I believe a common ailment!

Peer pressure – I have just been to the UK and seen people who live in London, I felt so unstylish.  I am nearly 40 and I still feel peer pressure (which of course is in my mind as I know my friends are not embarrassed to walk down the street with me…. well not due to the fact that I dress badly certainly).  In the past it could have been a smelly fart but now with my change in way of eating those problems exist no more!

Time – How much time and energy should I spend on finding clothes I like?  Online clothes shopping I am not so good at yet (Yippee says Mr), should I go through my wardrobe, color code, style code? I find it a pain in the are to move my serious winter stuff out of the wardrobe hence this is NOT Traininggoing to happen.

Despite ll this I want to look good… Currently I am in my gym kit and yes I do have patterned bottoms which is so fashionable…. But what do you wear when you live in a suburb and don’t want to look like you just got dragged out of bed but on the other hand feel like the numbers of pairs of heels you need to own is not in double figures.

I would like to plan my summer wardrobe so I can always look good… I am unsure of why something I want to do seems like such a big chore.  Also after I have bought something why is it instantly less alluring?


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