Banana chips!

My kids LOVE banana chips but when I realized how much sugar and other rubbish (was going to put shit but find this a difficult one in Sweden*) they put on the bought kind I thought I would Banana chip /make my own!  They are really delicious and depending on how thick you make them you can have them chewy or crisp.  I also like to add a few of the chewy ones to my breakfast cereal (which is a recipe I can share another day!).

Heat over to 95 degrees Celsius

Chop bananas into coins and dip in lemon juice for some tartness or the juice of an orange to make them sweeter.

Place on parchment paper (bakplåtspapper)

Sprinkle with cinnamon

Place in oven for 4 hours – check them after 2 and 3 hours!

* In Sweden you say Skit Bra i.e. Shit Good meaning REALLY good. I state to my kids shit is a swear word as I think in english it is.  I find in Sweden this kind of ‘mild’ swearing is more acceptable…


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