Grumpy or not Grumpy?

I was told that the comment “At home in the privacy of my own home it feels like it is easy to get away with behaving like a big shit. ” resonated with people. I think as a woman I feel like I behave much worse at home, I can be grumpy, condescending and in general now very nice. If someone turns up in the middle of this… I am like sunshine. I am warm, glowing, witty and in great form.  I do think that is a little unfair on my poor husband whom I believe to be much much more consistent in his feelings and moods.  I don’t dare say it is a woman thing almost, albeit I think it may be.  Do blokes actually not have the need to talk about things in the same way most women do?  Or is their canary yellow Porsche the equivalent of some women ongoing emotional ups and downs?


P.S. The Mr in my life does not have a Canary Yellow Porsche!


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