Another manic Monday…

Today for lunch I felt the need to use some leftover chicken, a sad tomato and incorporated in a very tasty Quesedilla.  First to the wheat free ‘tortilla’:

100g /1dl buckwheat (bovete) flour

1 egg

2dl liquid – dairy free milk or milk if you eat dairy

2 tbs olive oil

pinch of salt


Avocado, chicken, tomato, red onion and cheese. A squeeze of lemon or lime juice plus some S&P is also great to making it even tastier (chill never goes a miss either).  Be creative a lot of things are tasty warm with some cheese…

This makes 2 pancakes which you cook just like normal in some oil.  When the second one is golden add a good dose of cheese – I used cheddar (around 100g) but you can use goats or ewes cheese if you are intolerant. Add the other ingredients chopped:

100g cheese (I use cheddar as I used to live in Somerset the home of Cheddar!) Lidl ( does good cheddar from my old town)quesedilla_open

1 tomato

1 small avocado

1/4 of a smallish red onion

Spread everything out on one pancake add second pancake and squeeze with a pan lid or similar. Add S&P as well as squeeze of citrus of your choice and then serve with some greek/turkish yogurt and or some leftover Salsa.  As I am based in Sweden you will of course realize that with Taco Friday being a big part of Swedish life most swedes have an old jar of salsa in their fridge

I have also realized that an open quesadilla is equally good if it feels like two pancakes is a lot. This makes a lunch for one or a starter for two.



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