…bedtime discussions – one-sided!

Just started reading a copy of Morantologi #CaitlinMoran – I bought a new book quite somethign for me who always buy them from charity shops! I admire the courage and ability to just write about all the weird and wonderful things that actually goes on in a relationship/head. She starts with deciding to have the dicsussion in bed with her husband about her lack of a nick name. Not something I have done or worried about but falls perfectly into the I am just about to go to sleep – they are a asleep – discussion topics I feel the need to have when Mr. finally believes all is well and the world (and I) are quiet. For example:

I always remeber the things I didn’t do during the day which I should have done which I now want to share and therefore portion out a little blame on my other half.  I also put reminding me on his plate…. Attractive and smart trait. I think not!

Worrying about him cykling a 300km cykle race in June (it is now March!) falling off as he cycles in a group and destroying his face.

Thinking it was lycky I never fell in the stairs when the kids were young and I was carrying them down stairs.

I do realise thoughts or ’discussions’ add nothing positive to my life which annoys me of course because I claim to be a very positive go lycky and happy person. Sometimes I think all my friends would agree, but my husband would disagree. At home in the privacy of my own home it feels like it is easy to get away with behaving like a big shit. But I realise I don’t know how to say ’Dont use my toothbrush’ without sounding like a vindictive cow; but he does get to sleep with me…


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