When traveling I always feel i spend a fortune on food that is all rubbish – hence lately I have brought a smoothie in a jar.  This time I had a beetroot left over from yesterdays dinner so:

IMG_02351 small cooked beetroot

1 banana

2 large handfulls of raspberries

1 tbs lemonjuice

water to taste

Then just be careful…. spilling this stuff is not fun!

Quick Omelette Lunch

I love eggs!  I actually ate a hard boiled egg on top of my seed bread with some Swedish Kalles Kaviar (Cod roe in a tube for those non Swedes) everyday for so long I now haven’t been able to look at the combination for about 6 months, I am starting to finally feel the craving come back to it though.  But in this time I have eaten many other form of egg.  For example a staple quick meal is two eggs scrambled – healthy, tasty and filling.

Today I made lunch for Mr. and myself (i.e. serves two for light lunch):

2 eggsIMG_0234

2 large handfuls of spinach

1 small finely chopped onion

75 grams of feta (crumbled)

Salt and Pepper

Pinch of Chilli flakes

Mix it up and fry in one tablespoon of olive oil. Cook over medium to high heat and turn after 2-3 min.

Banana chips!

My kids LOVE banana chips but when I realized how much sugar and other rubbish (was going to put shit but find this a difficult one in Sweden*) they put on the bought kind I thought I would Banana chip /make my own!  They are really delicious and depending on how thick you make them you can have them chewy or crisp.  I also like to add a few of the chewy ones to my breakfast cereal (which is a recipe I can share another day!).

Heat over to 95 degrees Celsius

Chop bananas into coins and dip in lemon juice for some tartness or the juice of an orange to make them sweeter.

Place on parchment paper (bakplåtspapper)

Sprinkle with cinnamon

Place in oven for 4 hours – check them after 2 and 3 hours!

* In Sweden you say Skit Bra i.e. Shit Good meaning REALLY good. I state to my kids shit is a swear word as I think in english it is.  I find in Sweden this kind of ‘mild’ swearing is more acceptable…

Spicy chicken Stew with Jewelled Quinoa

Tonight we had one of my favorites.  Very tasty and very easy.  It is good if it gets some time simmering away in the oven or on the stove. But as long as the chicken is cooked it is tasty!  This is also good as a vegetarian dish. Then I would add cubed butternut squash, some fresh tomatoes and more peppers – and cook until this is tender.moroccan2

Serves 4

Mix the following spices:

2 tsp garam masala

1 tsp ginger

2 tsp paprikamoroccan1

1 tsp cumin (spiskummin)

1 tsp chilli flakes

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp salt and pepper

Mix together and dry fry half to release the flavor and ‘marinate’ 500 grams of chicken thighs with the rest.

When the spices are dry fried for around 30 seconds – stir throughout so they don’t burn – add 2 tsp of oil (something fairly flavourless).  In this gently fry:

1 onion

3 cloves of garlic – both finely chopped

Add the chicken

The add the rest of the ingredients:

1 vegetable stock cube or portion of boullion

1 red or yellow pepper (Paprika) chopped in chunks

1 tin of tomatoes (also add another half tin of water)

50 gram air dried chorizo (lufttorkad)

Simmer for 45 minutes and then add one tin of chick peas.  Please note this can cook a lot longer and the chicken will stay moist as long as it gently simmers and has enough liquid.  Cook for another 10 minutes.

I often serve this with ‘Jeweled Quinoa’… the idea comes from a cous cous recipe.

Cook quinoa according to instruction for 4 people

Add a little bouillon or 1/2 vegetable stock cube to the water for extra flavour.  When cooked add a handful of chopped almonds and chopped dried apricots.  Also mix in:

2 tbs of lemon juice and olive oil

Plenty of Salt and Pepper

I would also add a pot of chopped coriander the more stalky bits you can add to the stew just before serving. Enjoy!

Grumpy or not Grumpy?

I was told that the comment “At home in the privacy of my own home it feels like it is easy to get away with behaving like a big shit. ” resonated with people. I think as a woman I feel like I behave much worse at home, I can be grumpy, condescending and in general now very nice. If someone turns up in the middle of this… I am like sunshine. I am warm, glowing, witty and in great form.  I do think that is a little unfair on my poor husband whom I believe to be much much more consistent in his feelings and moods.  I don’t dare say it is a woman thing almost, albeit I think it may be.  Do blokes actually not have the need to talk about things in the same way most women do?  Or is their canary yellow Porsche the equivalent of some women ongoing emotional ups and downs?


P.S. The Mr in my life does not have a Canary Yellow Porsche!

Another Breakfast – Breakfast in a Cup

Today I am at home with my two kids. One is sick which is actually very rare, so a day on the sofa is called for.  As I had time to make breakfast in peace and quiet I had Breakfast in a mug.  There is no reason why this needs a leisurely morning, but as our microwave blew up 6 month ago – and yes there were flames – it does take a little longer to pop next door. Ridiculous I know!

Wheat and gluten free breakfast

Wheat and gluten free breakfast

Here is the recipe:

Oil a cup with a neutral oil

Blitz and mix:

1 egg

2 tbs almond flors

2 tbs desiccated coconut

small handful of hazelnuts

1/2 banana

2 large pinches of cinnamon

1 large pinch cardamon

After it is blitzed add a small handful of frozen berries or half a grated apple or pear. Mix this in and place mixture in the cup. Microwave on full power for 2 minutes.

Service with Greek Yogurt or dairy free equivalent, some honey if you want to indulge and maybe a dusting of cinnamon.


Another manic Monday…

Today for lunch I felt the need to use some leftover chicken, a sad tomato and incorporated in a very tasty Quesedilla.  First to the wheat free ‘tortilla’:

100g /1dl buckwheat (bovete) flour

1 egg

2dl liquid – dairy free milk or milk if you eat dairy

2 tbs olive oil

pinch of salt


Avocado, chicken, tomato, red onion and cheese. A squeeze of lemon or lime juice plus some S&P is also great to making it even tastier (chill never goes a miss either).  Be creative a lot of things are tasty warm with some cheese…

This makes 2 pancakes which you cook just like normal in some oil.  When the second one is golden add a good dose of cheese – I used cheddar (around 100g) but you can use goats or ewes cheese if you are intolerant. Add the other ingredients chopped:

100g cheese (I use cheddar as I used to live in Somerset the home of Cheddar!) Lidl ( does good cheddar from my old town)quesedilla_open

1 tomato

1 small avocado

1/4 of a smallish red onion

Spread everything out on one pancake add second pancake and squeeze with a pan lid or similar. Add S&P as well as squeeze of citrus of your choice and then serve with some greek/turkish yogurt and or some leftover Salsa.  As I am based in Sweden you will of course realize that with Taco Friday being a big part of Swedish life most swedes have an old jar of salsa in their fridge

I have also realized that an open quesadilla is equally good if it feels like two pancakes is a lot. This makes a lunch for one or a starter for two.



Seed bread Breakfast

Today I am being lazy and having my usually cup of Earl Grey tea with some seed bread with avocado.  Very tasty, very healthy and very satisfying! I have added the receipe below:

Seed bread /Frö Kex

Oven at 150 degrees celsius

200 gram sunflower seeds

150 grams pumkin seeds

50 grams sesame seeds

25 grams chia seeds

2 tbsp cocounut flour (or almond, or quinoa)

2 tbsp Psyllium seed husk (health food shop or well stocked supermarket)

1 tsp poo fibre

2tbsp melted coconut oil

1 tsp salt

0.5 litre water

Mix all dry ingredients well – add the water and then let it sit for a minute. Spread thinly onto parchment paper (makes 2 large sheets of seed bread).  Spread over some Maldon Sea Salt #Maldonseasalt if you like salt like me! Place in oven for 1h 20 min – I tend to switch the oven and leave it in the cool oven over night. Eat with a myriad of things such as: Mushed avocado, some olive oil sesame seeds and S&P Hardboiled egge and some mayonnaise Cheese and Ham and pepper… the list goes on! Also very nice to go with drinks and some herbed philadelphia (#philadelphia)

…bedtime discussions – one-sided!

Just started reading a copy of Morantologi #CaitlinMoran – I bought a new book quite somethign for me who always buy them from charity shops! I admire the courage and ability to just write about all the weird and wonderful things that actually goes on in a relationship/head. She starts with deciding to have the dicsussion in bed with her husband about her lack of a nick name. Not something I have done or worried about but falls perfectly into the I am just about to go to sleep – they are a asleep – discussion topics I feel the need to have when Mr. finally believes all is well and the world (and I) are quiet. For example:

I always remeber the things I didn’t do during the day which I should have done which I now want to share and therefore portion out a little blame on my other half.  I also put reminding me on his plate…. Attractive and smart trait. I think not!

Worrying about him cykling a 300km cykle race in June (it is now March!) falling off as he cycles in a group and destroying his face.

Thinking it was lycky I never fell in the stairs when the kids were young and I was carrying them down stairs.

I do realise thoughts or ’discussions’ add nothing positive to my life which annoys me of course because I claim to be a very positive go lycky and happy person. Sometimes I think all my friends would agree, but my husband would disagree. At home in the privacy of my own home it feels like it is easy to get away with behaving like a big shit. But I realise I don’t know how to say ’Dont use my toothbrush’ without sounding like a vindictive cow; but he does get to sleep with me…